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Killconey cackled and slapped his thigh. "Well now, aren't you the big comical rabbit? Let me tell you, my fine gentleman bucko, you won't be hah0 so funny when the Scourge is done with you. No sir!"This idea was greeted with enthusiasm. Brother Alf went off to find the hedgehog.the body of King Bull Sparra. With a great splash Constance waded into the shallows and dragged the corpse up on to the mossy bank.many illusions left to me, and I do not want to shatter yourThe sentry rats had become tired of chasing Basil. Wearily they made their way out of the woods and back to the common land. They sat on the grass behind a low hummock, taking a break together.Scragg made one final gurgling whimper and lay still. Cheesethief slunk off chuckling with satisfaction. Hidden in the ferns, Matthias and the baby squirrel held their breath in disbelief. They had seen murder committed!

Sela had placed herb poultices and healing salves on all the Warlord's wounds. After bandaging them neatly she had administered a potion that would deaden the pain and induce sleep.Refusing Methuselah's help, the young mouse left the old one gazing at the torn tapestry. He tottered off unsteadily in the direction of the dormitory.Chickenhound's confidence grew as he raced through the woods. He sniggered. Daft old fool! Served him right, he should have got out of the way. Hadn't he realized that he was facing Chickenhound, the overlord of all criminals?Killconey performed one of her most elaborate salutes. "The tunnel is goin' very well, yer honor."

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Cheesethief sneered. "Clumsiness, I'd say. 1 was there and saw it all. Besides, Cluny wouldn't have a weasel officer ordering rats about."cheeky old hedgehog telling me to run for it. Couldn't go, of course. Dear me, no. That'd never do. Chap deserting his post; bit of a bad show, what, what? I prefer me own company, y'know. Present company excepted, of course."

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Panting and sweating, a large mob of rats dashed to and fro burdened by the battering ram. The captains, hoping to curry favor with Cluny, harangued the hapless runners: "Pick

"Do ye not know? 'Tis the dreaded name of the divvil himself, sir," wailed the ferret. "I know because me ould mother told me so, and she always said never to look a serpent in the eye. So I sez to me mate here, 'Cheesethief,' sez I,

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A forlorn little voice answered. "Warbeak not wanta die. Mouse win. Pull Sparra up. Be good. Give word."Matthias's eyes gleamed with a new determination.As Matthias placed his paw on the spike in question, the door swung creakingly inwards.A hush fell over the mice on guard as Cluny and Redtooth were let out on to the road. Swiftly, the horde gathered around the Warlord and his lieutenant. They awaited orders. Deputizing for Cluny, Redtooth called out, "Form up. Back .to die church, everyone."

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Cluny ran about in a berserk rage. Temporarily bereft of his senses, he seized hold of smoldering, injured rats, some with their fur alight.

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Cluny had arrived!"We searched and searched, sir," Sela mumbled, "but all we could find was this big stretch of marshland and bog. ..."

The Warrior sleeps

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