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Chickenhound shouldered his sack and turned his attentions to the kitchen. He booted the door open and walked straight in, slap bang into Friar Hugo. The fat old mouse was bowled"Goodbye. Julian, and thank you!" Matthias called after the retreating figure of the last survivor in the Gingivere dynasty.Constance shouted, "Put down your weapons, rats. Throw off your armor to show us that you come in peace."Cluny's powerful tail shot out and dragged the unfortunate forward. Skullface cringed as sharp dirty claws dug into his fur. Cluny nodded at the horse.

Cluny climbed across and sat next to Scragg. He spoke in a whisper. "Good thinking, weasel. Yes, this branch'll do fine. Stick by me, Scragg. You're a useful soldier. With some of the blockheads I've got around me I could be on the lookout for a new captain soon. You know what that means: extra loot, a bigger share of the plunder. Cluny always rewards initiative, Scragg. Play your cards right and you'll soon get promotion.""Dunwing, listen. I want to tell you a story," he said. "It i-k all about the mice who live in the Abbey beneath us, andThe big badger trundled the cart away as they called their goodnights. She nodded at Methuselah, the ancient gatekeeper mouse. As the cart rolled out into the road a sliver of golden moon looked down from a star-pierced summer night. Matthias gazed upwards, feeling as if he were slowly turning with the silent earth. Peace was all about him: the baby mice inside the cart whimpered fitfully in their small secret dreams; Constance ambled slowly along, as though she were out on a nighttime stroll pulling no weight at all; the stout ash staff lay forgotten on the footboard.

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On top of the wall the mouse archers kept up their relentless hail of arrows into the ditch. Constance strode up and down, holding a heavy cudgel in her paws as she urged them on. 'That's the stuff to give 'em, mice! Keep those bows twang-lanterns high." With hardly a ripple, Winifred and three of

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His flat black eyes clouding over. Shadow watched Matthias. Laconically he spoke. His voice was strangely calm. 'Too late, mouse. Martin is with Cluny now."

Matthias turned on his heel and stormed off towards the river.

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Matthias barely had time to bid Cornflower a hasty goodbye before he was ushered off to the Abbot's room for an early-Fangburn struggled free. Angrily he jabbed at Redtooth with his spear. "You dare try anything with that blunt old breadknife, and I'll spear your gizzard before you can blink an eye!"From somewhere ahead Matthias could hear the trickle and gurgle of a stream. He remembered that it had been some time since he had eaten and drunk. Changing direction, he followed the water sounds until he came to the banks of the stream.Darkclaw and Fangburn grabbed hold of Cluny's smoldering cloak. They dragged him backwards. "Get out of the way, Chief! It's starting to fall!" With a roaring crackle and snap of blazing timber the siege tower leaned crazily to one side. It tottered, then collapsed in a flaring sheet of flame and sparks. The hay wagon listed drunkenly and was pulled over on to its side where it lay burning furiously.

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They tore at the material with beak and claw until it gave way. The contents scattered upon the floor. Matthias stood respectfully to one side as the King rummaged through his meager possessions. .King Bull Sparra drank some water from the canteen. He

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