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Cluny grinned wickedly. There it was again, that stupid thing called honor, the code of the warrior! But it was not his code: he had won!Matthias and Warbeak had made slow progress. The climb up to the arches and stained-glass windows was long and arduous. Matthias had relieved the sparrow of her brick hobble, pinioning her wings, make the going easier. At intervals the young mouse drove spikes into the joints of the stone. He was careful not to look down: it was a terrifyingly impressive distance down to the Abbey floor. Only once did he risk a quick glance, not certain if the dark spot on the ground might be Methuselah watching them.Asmodeus was close to Matthias now. Wielding the sword, the young mouse backed off. He felt the hole behind him and scrambled into it sideways, still facing his enemy. Taking care not to let the sword-point drop, he shouted to his companion, "Log-a-Log, can you see my feet? Grab hold of them, pull me through."Halfway along the top dormitory passage, Matthias halted. A stepladder was set up underneath a wooden loft door in die ceiling. Methuselah came along, leading Warbeak. The sparrow was still wearing the collar, lead and brick shackle.Slowly lifting the visor, Cluny allowed his single eye to rove around. It came to rest on the Abbey leader.Once more the sound of the Joseph Bell tolling out across the fields from Redwall wakened the Warlord. Fangburn, who was trying to extract a piece of elm branch from his Chiefs chest, leaped backwards in fright as Cluny's eye snapped open inches from his own.Before Log-a-Log had chance to reply, a riot broke out. Shrews began kicking, punching, arguing, screaming, wrestling and shouting. The edge of Mossflower Wood was in pandemonium.

Slowly Cluny's tail wound itself about the ferret's neck, drawing him in close."By mother's egg, Warbeak swear.""Oh, pretty much the standard kind used by warriors," Matthias replied. "A round steel affair with hand- and arm-holds."Jess grandly, "is stage one of our anti-battering-ram scheme, thanks to my small offspring here who found the hornets' nest."The angry sparrows persisted with their savage assault. Jess kept on descending resolutely. She couldn't seem to defend herself.

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Matthias's main concern was to get safely away with the sword. In the confined space of the snake's den there was no room to wield the fabled blade. If he struck at Asmodeus, he would be crushed to death against the walls by the powerful lashing coils of the adder in its death throes. Nothing would be accomplished by such a foolhardy action. Like a seasoned fighter, the young mouse chose to nominate the time and place of combat. He looked around the den. The hole he had come through was obviously too small for the adder to have used for the same purpose. It served as a breathing hole for Asmodeus, also as amplification to echo the dreaded name through the caves and tunnels as a warning to intruders."Matthias mouse do right thing," she said. "Bull Sparra be wicked; bad temper. Sometimes Dunwing think Bull Sparra mad. Best he thinks you no-harm mouse."270

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Above ground, a mole leaning his ear against a thinly-beaten copper basin that was upturned on the earth listened carefully to every word the ferret was saying. He repeated it to Brother Walter, who wrote everything down word for word.excuses. He kicked the tent folds aside, revealing Cheesethief s stricken face. The great arrow-shaft protruded from the ruined armor, his war gear.

Skullface had time for just one agonized scream before he fell. The iron-shod cartwheels rolled over him. He lay in a red mist of death, the life ebbing from his broken body. The last thing he saw before darkness claimed him was the sneering visage of Cluny the Scourge roaring from the jolting backboard, "Tell the devil Cluny sent you, Skullface!"

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Having delivered food to Matthias and Methuselah, she went out on the ramparts accompanied by her helpers. They fed the sentries and took back all die dishes. Next she found herself making an extra two trays of food up for Silent Sam's parents. The two squirrels thanked her politely and set to with an appetite. Little Sam stood watching them, sucking his paw. Cornflower had a special soft spot for the baby squirrel; she made up a tray for him too. She had no sooner finished than Constance called to ask a favor of her. Would she mind making up another four trays? Three for the Vole family who had just returned, and an extra-large one for Basil Stag Hare. Cornflower cheerfully obliged.wormchair!"The owl preened his breast feathers. He cocked his head on one side. "I know of everything that moves within my territory, mouse. Yes, I do know of Asmodeus. I also know where he calls home. Why do you ask?""Silence," Cluny snapped. "Or I'll teach you what violence means."I ?am that is.

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Panting furiously, Redtooth berated Fangburn: "You halfwitted fool! Now see what you've done! While you were busy assaulting a superior officer, you let the fox escape."

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"There, that should do it. Now hurry along, my son. Don't stop for anything on the way. Isn't that right. Captain?"In the aftermath of the tunnel disaster, Cluny had called off the attack for a full day, withdrawing all his followers well back across the meadow. The Warlord gave his horde time to recuperate from the fiasco: a whole day's leisure, with no recriminations and hardly any orders.The Sparra Queen shot off into the air like an arrow from a bow. Matthias arose to continue his journey. Log-a-Log stayed behind and waited for his warriors to catch up.

Sparra folk proud, brave fighters, strong eggchicks, much wormfood to eat. Sword hang in court of Sparra. Blood-feather die, who know how? Bull Sparra become King. My husband Greytail tell me this 'fore he die. Bull Sparra wear warrior sword. Case be too heavy. Leave case behind in room backa chair. Carry sword in clawfeet. King Bull he much showoff. Dig worm with sword. My husband go longa with him. One day they hunt in Mossflower trees, giantworm come, one with poisonteeth. Alia time say 'Asmodeussss', like that. Bull Sparra drop big sword. Even he scared of poisonteeth. Giantworm curl round swordhandle. Bull Sparra, he order my husband, Greytail, get sword back. Grey-tail try, but worm bite with poisonteeth. He hurt bad, but fly back to court with Bull Sparra. They leave sword in Moss-flower with giantworm. My husband die. Bull Sparra say hurt in starling fight. Not true. Greytail tell me all 'fore he die. Warbeak still egg; not know how father die."

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