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easy!" he hissed."Asmodeussssssssssss!"A stinging blow from a weasel's club sent Basil limping and tripping to the ground. The weasel struck him again andthe body of King Bull Sparra. With a great splash Constance waded into the shallows and dragged the corpse up on to the mossy bank.Chickenhound fainted clean away.rushes held him up."Matthias came awake slowly. He blinked, yawned, and stretched his body luxuriously. The sun was setting, turning the little stream into a flow of molten red and gold tinged with deep shadow. He lay calm, savoring the peace and quiet of the woodland summer evening.

Matthias looked up to the door. "So, that's where we're going, eh."Cluny glanced backwards and forwards from the Abbey to the body. He took in at a quick rate all that had happened. The big badger was peering over the wall. It was her doing!Cluny the Scourge was still acting strangely. He sat in his patched-up tent at the far edge of the meadow and said nothing. Even when Killconey marched jubilantly up with die news that the tunnel was within a fraction of being completed, Cluny sat and stared at the ground. He did not appear in the least moved by the good tidings."And so do I," Jess muttered. "I believe Cluny will be good someday. Good and dead!"

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And this time Cluny reckoned that he had hit upon a foolproof plan! He strode across the meadow and hand-picked thirty-odd rats.The Warlord began to wish that he had brought along more ferrets and weasels. They possessed good natural climbing ability, and that weasel - what was his name? Scragg - he'd been an enormous help, boosting and encouraging the others, even organizing the lifting up of the plank. Cluny made a mental note for future reference. Officer material, that one. Despite all efforts, however, they were still below the edge of die parapet. Higher up, the elm branches became thin and whippy, not strong enough to support the plank's weight.

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"Moles aren't too fond of heights," observed Methuselah. "Right, let's see what they've uncovered."

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"Bet you won't."At Cluny's feet were the Vole family. They were bound. He flicked his tail at them and sneered. "Ha, look at me, you spineless little creatures! Did you ever see such a leader of fighting animals as Cluny the Scourge? Soon I will have every creature that moves down on its bended knees to me."290This idea was greeted with enthusiasm. Brother Alf went off to find the hedgehog.

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Scragg made one final gurgling whimper and lay still. Cheesethief slunk off chuckling with satisfaction. Hidden in the ferns, Matthias and the baby squirrel held their breath in disbelief. They had seen murder committed!

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Killconey cackled and slapped his thigh. "Well now, aren't you the big comical rabbit? Let me tell you, my fine gentleman bucko, you won't be hah0 so funny when the Scourge is done with you. No sir!"Cornflower and Friar Hugo exited leaning upon each other, their faces crimson with suppressed laughter.

Matthias peered through the cracks at the insulting prisoner.

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