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-?very wise mother bird. He decided to put all of his cardsThe horse had gotten away safely."Hmm, a viper? Well, it's an old poisonteeth snake y'know, an adder. Never had a lot of truck with the slimy fellers meself. You'd do best to stay away from them, old chum." Matthias continued probing the hare's knowledge. "Are there any adders around the Mossflower region, Basil? I mean, if there were, then you'd be the very creature to know about them, being an expert and all that."Redtooth would have flown a record distance had there not been a stout sycamore tree several yards away. . . .


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One hour later they both sat on the stone floor, drinking October ale to quench the dust while they admired their handiwork.There was no need for the Father Abbot to concern himself with the underhand dealings of traitor foxes. Constance would be well able to deal with the situation herself.

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Help arrived swiftly.Round and round he skipped, repeating the verse over and over.Foremole tugged his nose graciously at her. "Wurr! Thankee kindly. Nought loik vedgible soop to keep'n loif in uz moles."With breathtaking speed and skill, the tiny creature raced up the trunk of the old elm. Reaching the thin branches above the parapet, he ran out along one. Using it as a springboard, he bounced nimbly on to the ramparts and vanished, sucking fiercely at his paw.

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Cornflower looked at Matthias solicitously. "He's doing fine, thank you, Matthias. I'm just going to get some herbs for the Abbot. Shouldn't you be lying down? Your face looks terribly puffy."

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