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His flat black eyes clouding over. Shadow watched Matthias. Laconically he spoke. His voice was strangely calm. 'Too late, mouse. Martin is with Cluny now.""Get them," Cluny said hoarsely. "Find the foxes and bring them here to me."Sela was never stuck for a ready answer. "No no, I'm afraid that's useless, sir. He's too young and inexperienced. Chickenhound wouldn't know where to start looking."They were on the move again. Cluny was getting nearer."Hard to tell in this light," replied Winifred. "But I'd swear that was Cluny Constance tipped off the plank."It shook its head.

Bull Sparra pecked nut morsels from his feathers, his eyes"Dairy produce?"

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Matthias jostled him boisterously. "What does it say, old .one? Hurry up and read it to me."Matthias landed on the floor of his bedroom. Sheets were tangled about his body. Slowly he sat up and rubbed his eyes. What a strange dream: the long hall, the plea for help, the armored mouse. . . .His paw encountered a space in the left wall. It turned out to be a rectangular anteroom. Matthias was horrified to discover that it was full of cast-off snake skins. They lay about on the floor, dry and withered. He shuddered at the thought of their former occupants, the hairs rising on the nape of his neck as he swiftly abandoned the repulsive scene and hurried along the passage.

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A whack from the bannerstaff silenced Sela. Cluny's voice was icy with condemnation. "Traitors! All that he meant was that you slipped up when you copied my plans for an attack with a battering ram. So now you know that I intend to tunnel into Redwall."

Beside the north wall gate, Plumpen stirred. He groaned and rolled over. There was a bad wound on the back of his head, but he was still very much alive. The first sight that greeted the dormouse's hazy vision was three sparrows standing over him. They were Dunwing, Battlehawk and Windplume. Silently they slid Plumpen out of the open door into the woods.

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Warbeak puffed out her chest. "Sparra word always good. Warbeak no say lie. Me swear by mother's egg. That big swear."303"Hold on, owl," Matthias shouted. "What are you putting up as a wager? The medal is not yours. You gave it to Basil Stag Hare."Then she limped swiftly off in the direction of Redwall with the captured plans.

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It took the rat sentries a moment or two to recover from their surprise. Then they let out yells of rage and tried to seize the impudent hare.Matthias chuckled quietly and shook his head in admiration. He watched twelve rats falling over each other and bumping heads as they chased his friend around the common land. Every now and then Basil would pause and strike his "Noble Stag" attitude, letting the rats get to within a whisker of him. Nimbly he would kick out with his long powerful legs and send them all sprawling in a heap. Adding insult to injury, he danced around the fallen sentries, sprinkling them with daisies until they arose, cursing him, to continue the chase.Down the road in the distance, a long column of dust was rising. The three creatures sniffed the faint breeze. It was unmistakable. Cluny's army was coming to Redwall!


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