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"B-but how did you know that?" stammered Matthias."Come on, Basil, head for the woods. We'll make it together."Killconey threw a fancy salute and departed. Cluny pulled Darkclaw close to him. He spoke confidentially. "Don't you know anything about tunnels, Darkclaw?"Cluny nodded his approval. Scurvy rats, hungry ferrets, sly weasels, bad stoats - exactly what he needed.would like to see him get his just desserts, you must remember we cannot break the law of hospitality in our Abbey.""Not a very well organized initial sortie for the invincible horde. Our chaps took the wind out of their sails, what?""Harr, he'm be noice an' soft, sur. Baint no rock nor root to stop us'ns, straight furrer we'm a-thinking."

It was some time before Cluny could get any sense out of mem. Cheesethief spoke haltingly, glancing back fearfully over his shoulder. "Er, er, we, like ... we got a bit lost, Chief.""I agree," replied Methuselah, "but the next line is of vital importance. It tells exactly when to look - 'at night, when day's first hour.1"He had imagined the descent would be very difficult, and surprised himself by handling it with ease, his confidence growing as he slid swiftly and noiselessly to the fern-covered ground. Crouched in the undergrowth, he mentally rehearsed his plan of action. He would go through the woods to St. Ninian's Church, avoiding the road that was being watchedMatthias nodded cunningly. "Oh, I don't want to take everything you own. Let's just say that you guarantee to return my medal and make a few little promises."340

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Matthias stood up on the wooden beam. With one mighty blow from the blade of the ancient battle-scarred sword he severed the rope holding the Joseph Bell.Cluny ran his tail reflectively through his long claws. "Yes. Bring the Abbot's chair out of the place they call Cavern Hole. Have it set up for me on a platform by the gatehouse. I've got some judgments to deliver."Matthias walked out into the road, staff in hand. Stray wisps of hay drifted down behind him. His legs trembled uncontrollably. Constance hauled the Abbey cart back on to the road. Cornflower was helping her mother and Mrs. Church-mouse to calm the little ones' tears of fright. Together they stood in the cart tracks amid the settling dust.

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No need of burial patties. Nature and the woodlands took care of their own funeral arrangements. There was but one efficient undertaker. The adder's jaws opened in something resembling the nightmare of a smile. The pathway to eternity"Throwing things won't do you much good. Listen, I'm a reasonable creature. All I'm asking you to do is to think of your family. You haven't got to join us if you don't want to. Stay up in that tree forever if you want, it doesn't bother me. All I need is that little scrap of tapestry. It isn't much to ask, is it? Your loved ones will be safe if you hand it over."

The captains gathered around the barrel, examining it. The top had been covered over with gauze. A strange noise issued

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Next Foremole rummaged in his kit and came up with a tin of grease and a strong thin bar, one end of which was flattened like a spatula. Smearing the grease liberally on top of the third step, Foremole inserted the flat metal tip against the base of the fifth step. He dealt the blunt end of the bar a smart blow, setting it firmly into the crack. With a swift movement he levered the fourth step an inch forward, exposing a long dark gap.Matthias unbuckled the belt and handed it over. King Bull fondled it, then fastened it on himself. As he admired the belt, strutting in front of the broken mirror, the sparrow spoke in a normal voice."Ah! Now King give Sparra word. I say if mouse-worm give more candynuts then go free, but must give lot." The King spread his wings wide apart. "This many lot!"Constance began a steady chant: "Jump-two-three! Jumjv-two-three! Jump-two-three!"Throughout the night hours many sparrows worked secretly on the locks, bolts and hinges of the small wallgates.

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Cluny was coming!

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Cluny snapped the battered visor down on his war helmet. He rapped Kilkoney on his shoulder."What about the first two lines?" Matthias said. "They seem fairly obvious, too. Between Great Hall and Cavern Hole there is a flight of stairs. Come on, old mouse."sat upon her shoulder and dampened her head by patting it lovingly with a well-sucked paw.

Cluny watched Sela's legs shaking.

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