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That stuff you gave me yesterday wasn't much use. I was tossing and turning for hours before I got any rest."Winifred the otter was standing nearby. She slung a stone hard, nodded in satisfaction at the resultant scream, and joined the two friends. "Aye, I'm inclined to agree with you, Jess. The Scourge has probably figured some new move. This attack may only be a cover. By the way, is there any word from Foremole and his crew?"Matthias held his lantern high. "Look, there's some writing on die lintel over the door."Foremole chuckled deeply. "Nay, nay, bless your li'l 'eart,

Ambrose sighed wistfully as he attended the two moles staggering under a bundle of dandelions and tubers.

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Matthias could only shake his head. He could not think what the circles might mean.

"Hang him by the tail."

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The climb of the sloping roof was extremely treacherous. Slightly unhinged by the perilous events, Matthias giggled to his friend, "It's all in the average day's work of a warrior. No use of a warrior worrying, ha ha ha."whatever evil vision it was dreaming. Sweat like ice water drenched Matthias's fur. Asmodeus had opened his eye while still remaining asleep. There was no other explanation possible.The young mouse laughed back as he replied, "Not half as odd as your own name. Whoever heard of a hare being called Basil Stag?"

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"Stop, thief! Come back here, you villain!"

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At midday Log-a-Log called a halt. They sat on a flat table-shaped rock halfway up and shared a hardtack lunch followed by a canteen of water. It was not a cheerful meal. They each sat with their own thoughts. Finally Guosim stood up, dusting her fur off. She clapped her paws together in a brisk manner, urging her companions to resume the task."Indeed he does," replied the Abbot. "His mother and father are old friends of mine. They'll pick up his tracks and be along here later to collect him. Do you know, this little chap hasn't spoken since he was born. I've tried every remedy known to Redwall on him, but none has worked, so he was named Silent Sam. But don't let that fool you, he knows Mossflower Wood like the back of his paw, don't you, Sam?"

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