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Gripping the standard in bloodless claws, Cluny climbed over the fence to the common land.It was the hay cart that suffered most damage. Bolting recklessly from side to side down the road, the blinkered animal failed to see the twin stone gateposts on its right -skidding crazily, the cart smashed into the uprights. There was a loud splintering of shafts as the horse careered onwards, trailing in its wake reins, tracers and shattered timber.Joyfully the two friends reunited. They rolled about in the grass like a pair of mad creatures, pounding each other on the back.

Slowly lifting the visor, Cluny allowed his single eye to rove around. It came to rest on the Abbey leader.

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Constance bravely stood her ground on the parapet, as did her small band of picked fighters. Whenever one of the missiles landed intact on the rubble pile, she would seize it, standing in fall view as she whirled the corded iron round and round, releasing it in a blur of speed. Constance was a far more powerful and accurate thrower than any rat. The attackers bared angry fangs at her from the cover of the ditch -of all the Redwall defenders the big badger was the one they most hated and feared.

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Matthias's main concern was to get safely away with the sword. In the confined space of the snake's den there was no room to wield the fabled blade. If he struck at Asmodeus, he would be crushed to death against the walls by the powerful lashing coils of the adder in its death throes. Nothing would be accomplished by such a foolhardy action. Like a seasoned fighter, the young mouse chose to nominate the time and place of combat. He looked around the den. The hole he had come through was obviously too small for the adder to have used for the same purpose. It served as a breathing hole for Asmodeus, also as amplification to echo the dreaded name through the caves and tunnels as a warning to intruders.

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Matthias studied the medal. It was a silver cross embellished with a spread-winged owl. The ribbon was of faded white silk. Though it was old, it shone bright in the sunlight

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254figure of the first apparition. Matthias was not surprised to see that it was Martin the Warrior.The owl preened his breast feathers. He cocked his head on one side. "I know of everything that moves within my territory, mouse. Yes, I do know of Asmodeus. I also know where he calls home. Why do you ask?"

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