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"All those rats! Such big ones, too."When Friar Hugo hurried off to join the defenders he left Cornflower in charge of the kitchens. She had busied herself with setting pans of oatmeal and oven bread ready for the next morning's breakfast. Cornflower then thought of the sentries up on the wall, and she set about making a large pan of vegetable soup. It was a great favorite with the defenders at nighttime, especially when she made it to her own recipe. Helped by Mrs. Vole and Mr. Squirrel, she ladled it intoCornflower shrieked aloud.

Matthias rested his forehead against his Abbot's paw. "Yes, Father, Cluny the Scourge is dead. I have done my task."He allowed himself a peek at the future. One day this would be called Cluny's Castle. He liked the sound of that. Secure from attack, living off the fat of the land, in his mind's eye he saw it all: those mice and the woodland creatures enslaved, living just to serve him. He would hold sway as far as the eye could see; power; an end to his rovings; a dream come true; King Cluny!

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Having been given full instructions by Matthias, Jess stood at the base of the immense Abbey building. The squirrelFangburn pointed sullenly with his cutlass. "Over there by the cooking fire. Be quick about it."

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"Mouseworm get more! More, you hear?" His eyes shone madly as the feathered hackles rose around his neck. "King not argue with crazy mouseworm. You get gone now, plenty quick or me killee. Go now. Majesty sleep."He struck as Methuselah would have wanted him to!

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Matthias winked at his companion. "Yes. At least I hope I have. There are three clues in the rhyme you see, the same as the steps. Look to the center, and the password is Redwall. Now, we must remember that Redwall has seven letters. If you look at these old-fashioned nails?? There was no fool like an old fool!1 - am that is,

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The startled sparrow shot downwards and stopped with a jerk, only thick neck feathers saving her from strangulation. Matthias held the lead tightly with both paws, straining backwards as the sparrow dangled and fluttered over Great Hall.Matthias did a little shuffle of excitement. "Look, they've come up right under poor old Ambrose! My word, what splendid moles. Good heavens, he's vanished completely! They must have him inside the tunnel."


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