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The high, warm sun shone down on Cluny the Scourge.'Who says that I am dead Knows nought at all!'"Methuselah banged his paw down on the arm of the chair. "Exactly. And where is the only place you can stand on a wall but on top of it.""Oh, shut your beak, you little monster!" he muttered. "You're in no position to kill anyone."Cluny was alive!Dawn revealed a sadly-disorganized horde. Cluny wisely held back his temper. Many of his soldiers looked so demoralized that they were liable to make a run for it and desert. He reasoned that there was little to be gained by adding insult to injury. Seven rats, two ferrets and a stoat lay dead in the ditch. Unable to escape the main body of hornets, they had been stung so many times it had proved fatal.

Captain Snow paced around the base of his nest tree. He glared at the cat, then at the mouse holding the sword. He snorted, hunching his neck into ruffles and folding his wings behind him.Basil bobbed up alongside Cluny. "What ho, old rat! Showing a bit of initiative? Never ask the troops to do what you can't do yourself and all that! Splendid!"Fangburn retreated, mumbling excuses. Cluny eyed him suspiciously - he didn't trust any of them.Matthias replied in a small sad voice, "Please, Basil, leave me alone. I've lost Methuselah. I don't want to speak to anyone." Basil hopped nimbly across and perched on Matthias's bed. "There, there, young feller m'lad. Don't you think I know how you feel? Good grief, an old campaigner like me? When I think of the chums I lost in bygone battles . . . Good and true friends they were, but I taught meself to keep a stiff upper whisker, y'know."

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Methuselah translated the curious mole dialect. "Foremole said, the fourth step upwards is the same as the fourth step down, that much we already know. Then he consulted the two mole brothers, Walt and Doby. It seems the step is the same as one found by their grandmother when she was exploring an old-fashioned castle or fortification. Moles are very sensible creatures, you know, and ! think they have the answer to our problem."The frightened rat stuck out what he fervently hoped was his left paw.

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The fox and the rat stood looking at each other, their thoughts running on parallel lines. It was fairly obvious what must be done if they were to save their skins.

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Dunwing gave orders to the two Sparra warriors: "Take red rag and grease. Bring many Sparra. Fly quiet, grease other little wormdoors. Wait 'til Queen Warbeak come. No let ratworms see warriors, go now.""So Redtooth went off to see what the noise was," Sela faltered. "We told him not to go, sir, but he insisted."The weight of combined bodies hit the ground between the lines.

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"Oh, do be quiet, Constance," Matthias grumbled. "That must be the tenth time you've said that in the last hour."

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"That one will be this month, June! When is the full moon due in June, Constance?"

Wary that there might be other rats about, Matthias climbed into the church through a broken stained-glass window. He dropped down into the lady chapel. The young mouse wrinkled his nose in disgust. The beautiful old church was rank with the heavy odor of rats. Furniture was overturned, statuary broken, walls stained; the pages of torn hymn books lay about everywhere.

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