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This was truly the Sword of Redwall Abbey! It was his duty to get it. Matthias moved more stealthily than he had ever done in all his life. Inch by careful inch, paw by whisker, slowly, painstakingly trying to make his body as small as possible, he flattened himself against the wall to get by the huge spadelike head. The tongue almost slithered across his face as it slid in and out, constantly repeating the dreaded name.The Abbot pointed to the tapestry, shaking his head. "See, my old gatehouse-keeper's last good work. He restored Martin to his place of honor. Methuselah was the gentlest mouse 1 ever knew. Oh what a tragic waste of two lives: one who spent his years in search of knowledge, the other cut down before his tree of youth had chance to blossom!"Cluny turned to the raiding party. "I'll go first. We'd better have only one at a time on the plank. When I'm on the parapet I'll steady the other end. Scragg, you come next. The rest of you follow."

Constance shouted, "Put down your weapons, rats. Throw off your armor to show us that you come in peace."100Log-a-Log picked up his pack and smiled broadly at the young mouse. "Matthias, my friend, we are with you to a shrew. Tooth, claw and nail! Lead on, bold warrior."He was puzzled. What did the fearful dream mean? Cluny had never been one to put his faith in omens, but this dream ... it had been so lifelike and vivid that he shuddered.

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A deathly hush fell upon the creatures in Cavern Hole.As in a dream, Matthias gave the door a gentle tug. It opened. By the lantern lights the two mice made their way back from the lonely chamber. Back to the familiar warmth and cheer of Redwall Abbey. Back to the hot June noonday sun.

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"Well, we was rootin' about by some hedges, Chief," said Scumnose, "and we found a whole tribe of dormice fast

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Matthias was glad he was walking behind the rats; he blushed with shame. Cluny had sent the defenders scattering like butterflies in a whirlwind. Matthias was furious; the enemy now knew he was dealing with untrained and untested soldiers."No, no, you dare not harm these creatures!" he cried. "H would be murder."Chickenhound shouldered his sack and turned his attentions to the kitchen. He booted the door open and walked straight in, slap bang into Friar Hugo. The fat old mouse was bowledThose Abbey mice were going to pay with blood for what they had done to Cluny the Scourge.

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. Constance pounded upon the table with a heavy paw, emphasizing each word. "And make no mistake about it, Cluny the Scourge will attack Redwall again. I'd stake my life on it! Think for a moment. If Cluny were to give up the idea of conquering this Abbey, he would lose both face and credibility with the army he commands. Furthermore, and most important of all, word would spread across the land that Cluny was not invincible, that he could be beaten by mice!

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