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"Here, shrew! You are smaller than I am! Climb through, then see if you can tug me backwards by my feet. Come on, move yourself if you want to live!"Martin the Warrior. The mouse who pursued him through his nightmares. What did it mean?Sela the fox continued to complain. She must have a certain type of herb that was not in her kit. It could only be found in Mossflower Wood at the dark of night."Right," said Sela. "We'd better work out a good story to tell Cluny when we get back. He's not stupid, so we'd better get it right."311When Log-a-Log awoke from out of the trance he saw his friend Matthias the Warrior.cutlass, had turned up at the gate. He had tried to gain entry by pretending he was injured. Limping about, the rat explained that he had been in a hay cart that overturned into the ditch. Would they come with him and render assistance to his friends, many of whom were lying trapped beneath the cart, crying out for help?

"Please drink this and lie still," she ordered.A group of mice ted by Brother Alf tried fording the ditch and dimbing up into the meadow. Unfortunately, the rain had made the going hard and slippery. Cluny was long gone, and die tapestry with him.Jess Squirrel rappelled swiftly down to the road on a rope. Looping the rope's end around the old water-butt that had been the ferret's drum, she sprang inside, calling up to the parapet, "Haul away, Constance."Silently the mice did as ordered. The cart moved off with Matthias positioned on the back providing a rearguard. The young mouse gripped his staff tightly, his back to his charges, facing down the road in the direction the hay cart had taken.The badger stood up wearily and rubbed her eyes.

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"Bet you anything you won't."They crept along under cover of the hedge towards the big dwelling of the mouse folk. Rats were hunters; thankfully they had not noticed him. The frog stayed motionless and let them pass. It was none of his business.Shortly afterwards, Cornflower arrived bearing a tray of breakfast for them both: nutbread, salad, milk and some of Friar Hugo's special quince pie. She was about to strike up a conversation with Matthias when Methuselah sent her packing.

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It was then that Constance did something that creatures would speak of in years to come."Stuff his whiskers down his ears."

The young mouse could not meet the mother sparrow's eyes. He was overcome with guilt and shame. "Dunwing, I'm sorry. How did you guess?"

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"No time for mousedream! You hurry, quick!" Matthias paid full heed to Dunwing's plea. Sweeping the belt and scabbard up, he slung them across his shoulder. "I'm with you, Dunwing! What next?" The usual way for sparrows to leave the Court was to fly out from under the eaves. Not being a sparrow, Matthias felt his stomach turn a cartwheel at the prospect of what he must do next. He would have to go on his back under the eaves and, with nothing beneath him but a heart-stopping void of space, negotiate his way out and around the curving gutter to reach the steep upward sweep of the roof.Basil winced as he called out to his friend, "Run for it, Jess. I'll hold 'em off!"Later, as they made a hearty meal, Matthias set about pumping the hare for information. "Basil, what's a viper?"159Beneath the plank Scragg stirred and groaned. Amazingly, he too had survived.

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Solemnly the three friends gathered around the carving upon the ramparts. Matthias clutched the shield tightly, waiting for the stroke of one. High above the small world of Redwall the moon also waited, suspended in velvety space like a pale gold coin. It seemed that the minutes stretched into an eternity in which silence reigned over all.

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The Abbot studied the wonderment in Matthias's eyes as he asked him a question, the answer to which the wise mouse already knew. "What are you looking at, my son?", Gingerly the sparrow slid her claws along the smooth wooden ridge. Suddenly Matthias felt the dagger come free from the wood. He lost his grip and leaned outwards, teetering and waving his paws. Warbeak stopped him falling by pulling him back. The dagger went spinning down. It was a considerable time before they heard the faint clatter as it hit the Abbey floor."Only a dozen of you," he taunted. "Let's see what you rats are made of. First come, first served."

Matthias stood firm as the haversack was pulled from his back. The two warriors could not figure out how to open it.

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