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The enormity of it overwhelmed them both. For several minutes they sat, no word passing between them. Suddenly Matthias leapt to his feet. "Right, let's get on with it. Look at these lines:Constance nodded admiringly. "Aye, that fish fed the whole Abbey! I remember, because I had three helpings, two less than that spiky wastebin Ambrose."'晻 at intervals as the sleek form of an otter surfaced and dived

Cluny could vaguely discern a huddled figure tangled in the wreckage. Speculation was useless; he speeded up his pace.The skillful creature dodged a rat, spun round and landed a fierce double-footed kick to its stomach. The rat bowled over, completely winded, all the fight knocked out of its body. Basil chuckled. "Sorry about that, Matthias, my old lad. When these chaps gave up chasing me, I scooted back to my den. Spring cleaning, y'know. A bit late, but I'm only a bachelor in single quarters, what!""Friends, it will avail Cluny little to put the Abbey under state of siege. As you know, Redwall is virtually self-supporting. All we require to sustain life and comfort is here within these walls. Therefore, I suggest we carry on as normally as possible."Thank you, Warrior. You spoke to me through Cornflower. You gave me the sign that I asked of you."A dragonfly hovered directly above the young mouse, gently stirring his whiskers. What was this strange creature doing in his territory? He glided a little closer. It was quite safe; the oddly garbed animal posed no threat to his authority as bailiff of this stretch of water. He was fast asleep, snoring like a squirrel in midwinter, oblivious to all about him.

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"Get up and run for it or stay there, fool. I don't carry cripples or bunglers."As the hill dwindled his friend heartily agreed. "Indeed they are, their skills and knowledge are passed on through families, you know. Earth, rock, shale or root, they can handle it all. Do you know, it was the moles that dug the foundations for this very Abbey. Foremole can claim direct descent from the mole who was in charge of the operation. In fact, it was Martin who bestowed the title Foremole upon his ancestor."Paws went up: Log-a-Log counted them. Exactly half of those present. He called for those against, and took another count.

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Matthias crumbled more bread for the ants. "Then the Warrior's sword is only a fable?"


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Matthias stood reverently, gazing upon the calm features of his own legendary hero in the silence of the small chamber.The Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower had returned!Scragg's eyes were barely open. He groaned in agony."Methuselah," he said kindly, "hadn't you better lie down awhile?"

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"Leave her alone, you cowards!" Mr. Squirrel shouted as he struggled to hold back Silent Sam. "You're very brave in a gang, but you wouldn't face my Jess if her paws were free, you scum, not if there were twice as many of you!"

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At first it seemed a small thing, a mouse in fact, dressed in a long hooded robe. Cluny did not relish meeting with it ?he could not tell why - but the mouse kept getting closer to him. For the first time in his life, he turned and ran!"Of course you did, Jess," said Matthias, hiding his disappointment. "Thank you very much for your valiant efforts."Jess flexed her climbing claws and bared her teeth angrily.

"Exactly the same as yours do, though perhaps a bit dimmer. Don't give up hope, though. Let us keep looking. Maybe we'll see something."

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