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completely over.5318; of one mouse in particular called Martin the Warrior. . . ."Cluny lounged nonchalantly against the tree. "Well done, squirrel. Very clever indeed. I could use someone like you in my army. Somebody smart, with brains like yours."Mow from the improvised staff sent him crashing to die ground.The old gatehouse-keeper put on his glasses. "Well, have you solved the riddle all by yourself?"

356"Better not. It looks like the Chiefs asleep. He might not thank us for waking him up out of a nice dream."drummer-cum-soothsayer. The ferret watched Cluny intently. The Chief was going to speak. He banged the drum, calling the horde to silence. Cluny lifted the visor of his war helmet and stared out across the waiting horde.120In a flash Basil had lugged a haversack from the undergrowth and was spreading a repast on the grass between mem. For the next half hour Matthias related his story between mouthfuls of the hare's tasty luncheon. Basil listened intently, interrupting only when he required clarification on some point.

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Hastily he climbed back out of the window. Halfway across to the fence he noticed a small shed. Somebody was pounding upon its locked door and calling his name aloud.The young mouse stood with his paws folded, an expression of disgust upon his features. The old gatekeeper patted his shoulder. "I know how you feel, Matthias. I could see you were only putting on a brave face for the benefit of the others. That is good. It shows you are learning to be a wise leader. You hide your true feelings and encourage them not to give up hope."Cluny held on to branches for as long as he could. Soon he was out on the middle of the plank with nothing to steady him. Trying hard not to glance downwards at the dizzying drop, he inched his way "up the plank, towards the wall.

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"Ah yes, I see the most beautiful summer morning of my life. The friends I know and love are all about me. Redwall, our home, is safe. The sun shines warmly upon us. Nature is ready to yield her bounty again in plenty this autumn. I have seen it all before, many times, and yet 1 never cease to wonder. Life is good, my friends. I leave it to you. Do not be sad, for mine is a peaceful rest."55

Methuselah the gatehouse-keeper stood facing the damaged tapestry in the Great Hall of Redwall. Being too old for active

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208Bong! Boom! Bong! Boom! Even the small creatures in wood and field who could understand no language save their own knew what it meant. "Time of danger, place of sanctuary."They bore news that cheered Cluny up somewhat. They'd obtained over a hundred new recruits, mainly rats but with a good scattering of ferrets and weasels, and the odd stoat. There had been some who needed convincing. These had been press-ganged by a savage beating from Frogblood, coupled with the threat of horrible death. They were soon convinced that the wisest course was to enlist in Cluny's horde. Others were hungry nomads, only too willing to join up with the infamous Cluny. They were greedy for plunder and booty and pleased to be on what they were sure would be the winning side. Lined up in the churchyard, the recruits were supplied with weaponry by Redtooth and Darkclaw. Impassively they stood in ranks awaiting the Warlord's in--spection.Matthias interrupted. "Those first two lines sound as if they could only be solved in the darkness. 'Look for the sword in moonlight streaming forth.'""Cluny, Cluny, Cluny the Scourge!"

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"Why, of course you will, Mr. Hare. What a bore you

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Matthias was full of wonderment, but he could not help feeling puzzled. "Why do you tell all this to me, Brother Methuselah?"Matthias replied in Sparra language, "Warbeak good hunter. Mouse like flower. Make good wormfood. Where be Dunwing mother?"The badger smiled affectionately. More and more she was coming to trust Matthias's natural skill as a leader and tactician. "Don't fret, Brother Alf. Whatever it is, you can bet your habit it'll be an original Matthias gem. That young mouse has got more in his head than a pile of acorns."

Quietly he arose and dressed himself, hanging his sandals around his neck by their thongs. Taking a clean pillowslip, he stocked it with the remainder of the food from the table. Someone had thoughtfully placed his dagger in the bedside locker. It must have been found on the floor of Great Hall. Searching around, Matthias came upon a good stout pole, probably used as a window or curtain opener. He decided it would come in handy.

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