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"They are, Father," Matthias answered.Cluny ranted and fumed at the animals under his banner. They were going to march, sweat, dig, carry, drill and tunnel, until they performed to his satisfaction. Sloppy idle lot! He'd show them now that he was back; he'd keep them at it all day and all night if need be. Cluny had taken a vow while he by injured: never again would he allow himself to be thwarted by mice and woodland creatures.In a fighting fury, Matthias grabbed the scabbard. He used it like a sword, smashing it mercilessly once, twice, thrice, into the Sparra King's face. The force of the blows from the weighty sword case knocked Bull Sparra senseless. He toppled from the roof out into space. Matthias screamed in panic. The King's claws were still caught fast in the sword belt.The helpers laughed and did the best they could. Now and again there would be barely stifled giggles as they watched the performance of Silent Sam. He stood behind Basil, pantomiming the hare's every movement, puffing up his tiny chest and strutting about importantly.

Matthias didn't reply. He sat exhausted up in the dark belfry with his legs dangling over the stout timber bell axle. Down below, Cluny squatted against the wall, glad of the chance to take a breather. Beneath the dusty stairs, Friar Hugo sneezed.

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"You know too much, vixen. You and your son played a dangerous game. Nobody outsmarts Cluny. I've won, and you have both lost.""Martin the Warrior used the sword only for right and good. This is why it has become a symbol of power to Redwall. Knowledge is gained through wisdom, my friend. Use the sword wisely."

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Matthias, realizing that this was no time for idle chit-chat, promptly shouted out in a loud, courtly manner, "O King, I come to return one of your brave young warriors!"asleep. So we pounced on 'em and tied them up in a bunch. Nice big fat ones they are, Chief."

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? orders. "Spread out and dive deep. We'll quarter the pond

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