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The tunnel gangs lounged about, leaning on the sides of the ditch. Kilkoney stretched full length on a mossy patch."You lie, mouseworm. Not help Sparra! Mouse enemy," he shrieked. "King Bull Sparra say killee enemy, k-killeet!""Then you know where the Warrior lies?"The badger bowed low in a dignified manner, gesturing with her massive blunt paw. "The floor is yours, Father Abbot."With a sigh of relief they grinned back at him. The Chief was in a good mood.Seeing Matthias still stunned by what had happened, Constance took over the leadership. She wheeled the cart around,The reply sounded like a whisper of wet silk across a smooth slate. "Cluny, I am here. Why do you want Shadow?"

three big earthenware jugs. Taking up a jug each, with a small basket of fresh loaves and some goat cheese, they set off, with Cornflower in the lead carrying a lantern. The first stop was the south-east corner, where Foremole and his crew had a monotonous task: night and day they monitored the grounds for sounds of tunneling. They were glad of a short respite and some hot food while they chatted to the caterers in their gruff polite tones.Abbot Mortimer lay in the cloister gardens surrounded by his mice and woodland friends. Everyone was there, from Queen Warbeak and Log-a-Log to Cornflower and Silent Sam, down to the humblest mouse. The poison barb on Cluny's tail had done its deadly work. The Father Abbot was dying."Over there, to the right of that aspen. Look, they're moving again."behind you. We'll make good time in this cool night air."

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332Matthias was glad of the brief respite after all the excitement. But he told himself that he could not afford to stay long. He must press on to Redwall. He heaved a great sigh. The life of a warrior was very tiring."Well, I remember that my old grandad once knew a sea tat," she answered. "Going by his description, I'd say that's what they looked like to me."

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"Oh, Matthias," she said. "I've brought some refreshments for you and?"The Great Rodent Wall!"

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Brother Alf knelt before the Abbot.Jess Squirrel picked up the water jug but withheld it."A touching little speech, vole, but you wrong me. I don't want to capture the spirit of Redwall. I mean to kill it! Take these whining creatures out of my sight. Lock them in the hut out at the back. Leave them to imagine what their fate will be when I return."Suddenly the Joseph Bell began tolling. Sparra warriors appeared in swarms that almost obscured the sky above the Abbey. They landed in droves around the parapet edges. The grounds came to life with teeming swarms of Guerrilla Shrews armed to the teeth with rapiers, cudgels and slings. Matthias whirled the sword above his head as he roared out his battle cry.

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Abbot Mortimer looked old and stern as he addressed the assembly in Cavern Hole. The atmosphere was decidedly subdued.(Rhymefrom beneath the Great Hall tapestry)"Do you know where that is?"

The Abbot slapped a paw down on the plans. "It is all here, but as I have said before, I will not concern myself with the fighting of a war. It is my task to heal the injured and give sustenance to the defenders. It is the duty of you, my generals, to plan the repulse of this invasion."

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