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Methuselah felt himself in the presence of one many times older than he. Lanterns held high, the two mice advanced through the doorway.He would never forget Dunwing and her eggchick War-beak. Friends in need are friends indeed."Bet you've never seen an owl chat size before, eh?"Surrounded by a band of shrews that had started quarreling over the best route to the quarry, Matthias marched stolidly forward. They trekked through the trees, leaving Mossflower Wood far behind, across open ground, giving the farmhouse a carefully wide berth, breeching hawthorn hedges and spanning dried-out ditches, through several fields that lay fallow in the summer stillness."Listen to what I say, Matthias. You have been like a son to me, ever since you first came to our gates as an orphaned woodland mouse, begging to be taken in. Come, sit by me and I will try to explain to you what our Order is all about."Here, what's happened? Where's Redtooth?" he asked anxiously.

326Suddenly a thunderous voice was heard. "Cluny die Scourge, I have come to settle with you!"Matthias unbuckled the belt and handed it over. King Bull fondled it, then fastened it on himself. As he admired the belt, strutting in front of the broken mirror, the sparrow spoke in a normal voice.'Temper, temper, m'lad," Basil chuckled. Reaching down to his bedside locker he dug out his dress tunic. It was covered in medals and decorations from a hundred campaigns. The hare selected a medal. Detaching it from the jacket, he tossed it across to Matthias."There, there, old girl. Don't fret. Many times in our history has tragedy been forestalled by miraculous happenings."

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When the rest of the party arrived back, Cluny had them form up in single file. They marched eastwards at a smart pace."Say the word and I'm your mouse, sir.""So did I until I saw how high this lot is," Matthias wailed.

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"No worms, only mousefood," he commented.204

Old fool! She would never have been in this mess if she'd let a much younger and smarter fox handle things.

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A busy flutter of wings announced the mother sparrow's"Aye, that she do. Never diggen or breaken, just turn 'em after dustin'."He dodged playfully out of reach. Cluny snarled and went after him. Basil ducked and weaved, drawing Cluny further out on to the common. All eyes were upon the two figures. This made it easier for Jess to change hiding places as she followed them.Cluny laughed cruelly. His eye was devoid of pity. He leaned close to Plumpen and whispered harshly, "What would you do to save them?"

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"Phew!" she gasped. "What a wild bunch of savages those sparrows are! I thought they had me once or twice back there."

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Jess, Winifred, Foremole and Ambrose were sent for. Together they leaned over the parapet, watching the dust-cloud draw nearer. The beat of a drum was audible, and individual rats could be picked out."It's all right now, Sam," she said, gently. "The fox cannot hurt us. Thank you for protecting me."

Cornflower and Silent Sam watched them stealing off at lunchtime to continue their conspiracy beneath the trees in the orchard where they would not be disturbed.

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