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"This is more like it, ferret. Right, get the tunnel gangs! Gather your weasels, stoats and ferrets. Take them back along the ditch to the south-east corner of the Abbey wall. When it is dark I'll send you a signal, then you can start tunneling through the ditch wall, across the road and under the Abbey wall. Is that clear?""Listen, Warbeak," Matthias panted. "One more move like that and it will be your last. Do you hear me?"When the rest of the party arrived back, Cluny had them form up in single file. They marched eastwards at a smart pace."Pray, would you do us the honor, Master Samuel?" said Constance with mock courtliness."What is the law of Cluny?"

"A little bird told me," Matthias replied."Now listen carefully, my son. We have a very sick rat inside that church. He is in urgent need of my special remedies. I want you to run as quickly as you can back to our den. Bring me back some snakewort, cuckoo spit, a medium eelskin, three fine strips of willow bark ... oh, there's so much to remember, I'd better write it all down for you.""This time there will be no mistakes!" he yelled. "And there will be no retreat! We stay, even if it means putting Redwall to siege. We stand firm! Anyone who takes one backward step is dead. Anyone who disobeys orders is dead. Anyone who does not fight tooth and claw with all of hisCluny gave a big imitation snore and smacked his lips contentedly. Some day he must learn to play chess. He bet himself that he would be unbeatable.The helpers laughed and did the best they could. Now and again there would be barely stifled giggles as they watched the performance of Silent Sam. He stood behind Basil, pantomiming the hare's every movement, puffing up his tiny chest and strutting about importantly.

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Basil Stag Hare has gone off on a journey to bring hisfriends Captain Snow and Squire Julian Gingivere back to the Abbey with him. Basil is ignoring the fact that it is the Abbot's anniversary. He constantly refers to it as 'A Regimental Reunion Dinner.' Winifred the otter, and the beaver, in company with that reprobate Ambrose Spike, are testing the quality of the October nutbrown ale. It must be particularly frne this year, judging from the sound of many rowdy ballads issuing from the wine cellars. Plumpen and his family of dormice are helping Foremole and his crew dig a roasting pit. Early this morning our Father Abbot went outfrshing with Matthias the Warrior. They consider it no less than their bounden duty to bring back a larger ftsh than last year. The Joseph Bell which was broken has been recast into two smaller bells. I can hear them now. They are named Matthias and Methuselah. My twin Church-mice, Tim and Tess, are grown quite sturdy over the past year. They are our Abbey bellringers, and a splendid job they make of it too!your eye on him, though. If he catches you napping he'll chomp you up, medal and all."

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"Y'know, it strikes me that it'd do the Father Abbot's heart good to see that tapestry back in its rightful place again.""It will soon be dawn," he said sadly.

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"What about the first two lines?" Matthias said. "They seem fairly obvious, too. Between Great Hall and Cavern Hole there is a flight of stairs. Come on, old mouse."262A veritable avalanche of earth and rocks cascaded over the parapet. It smashed straight on to the main ladder. Rats screamed aloud and grasped at midair as they were swept from the ladder to the road below. The ladder fell sideways, cannoning into another one that had been set up beside it. As both ladders fell there were scenes of mass chaos. Badly wounded and shocked, the survivors on the roadway tried to crawl back to the safety of the ditch, only to be buried beneath rubble which thundered down on them. Many lay trapped

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Matthias, realizing that this was no time for idle chit-chat, promptly shouted out in a loud, courtly manner, "O King, I come to return one of your brave young warriors!"dashed along the river bank. Other shrews left their hiding places and followed him."Well, I don't suppose you think I'm going to sit in your den drinking tea all afternoon," he yelled.

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