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"Martin the Warrior used the sword only for right and good. This is why it has become a symbol of power to Redwall. Knowledge is gained through wisdom, my friend. Use the sword wisely.""You carry on, Constance. We'll be down shortly."Cluny laughed cruelly. His eye was devoid of pity. He leaned close to Plumpen and whispered harshly, "What would you do to save them?"

He felt the adder breathing, its cold exhalations carrying the sweet musty odor of death stirring his whiskers. A coil moved and faintly touched his leg. Matthias sucked in his breath and squeezed closer to the wall. The snake blinked, sending the opaque tissue upwards. The young mouse was confronted by the wide-open eye of the monster staring directly at him.When Friar Hugo hurried off to join the defenders he left Cornflower in charge of the kitchens. She had busied herself with setting pans of oatmeal and oven bread ready for the next morning's breakfast. Cornflower then thought of the sentries up on the wall, and she set about making a large pan of vegetable soup. It was a great favorite with the defenders at nighttime, especially when she made it to her own recipe. Helped by Mrs. Vole and Mr. Squirrel, she ladled it intoThe unexpected fright sent Chickenhound dashing back through Cavern Hole with the outraged Friar's shouts ringing

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"B-but how did you know that?" stammered Matthias."I tell you, he's off his rocker," said Kilkoney. "Sittin* there like a stuffed dummy, ha! Things to think about, if you please! Meanwhile, we've got the whole horde ready to go through that there tunnel and take the Abbey. What're we supposed to do?"

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"Pray, would you do us the honor, Master Samuel?" said Constance with mock courtliness.would like to see him get his just desserts, you must remember we cannot break the law of hospitality in our Abbey."

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The owl spread his wide, snowy wings and Happed upwards to perch on the edge of his den. Folding the wings and shutting his eyes tightly, he shouted out with bad grace, "I promise never to kill or eat another mouse or shrew of any type as long as I live, so there!"Cluny's one eye widened. "What did this serpent do when it saw you?"69

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'Temper, temper, m'lad," Basil chuckled. Reaching down to his bedside locker he dug out his dress tunic. It was covered in medals and decorations from a hundred campaigns. The hare selected a medal. Detaching it from the jacket, he tossed it across to Matthias.dung beetles

tugged in some way. Matthias could see a shadow, but there was nothing to cast it. He jumped to his feet and ran forwards as the picture of Martin was ripped away from the tapestry.

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