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Darkclaw and Fangburn grabbed hold of Cluny's smoldering cloak. They dragged him backwards. "Get out of the way, Chief! It's starting to fall!" With a roaring crackle and snap of blazing timber the siege tower leaned crazily to one side. It tottered, then collapsed in a flaring sheet of flame and sparks. The hay wagon listed drunkenly and was pulled over on to its side where it lay burning furiously.The mother sparrow explained. "First, no can go back through loft door. King much angry, have many great slate pile on door. Stop intruders. Door not open again, me think.""Dunwing, listen. I want to tell you a story," he said. "It i-k all about the mice who live in the Abbey beneath us, andThen she limped swiftly off in the direction of Redwall with the captured plans."Well, we was rootin' about by some hedges, Chief," said Scumnose, "and we found a whole tribe of dormice fastJess Squirrel, aided by Silent Sam, maneuverd the barrel up on to the ramparts. She patted it. "Something simple -I, you'd better capture this last one and fetch him back for the Chief to question." Then Cluny'll say to me, "Ragear, good old Ragear, I knew I could depend on you. Why d'you suppose I took you along in the first place? Mangefur, bring food and wine for my old pal, Ragear the Brave." Ha, yes, then I'll pat the Chief on the back and say, "By Satan's whiskers, you old rodent! Have you never thought of retiring and letting me lead the horde? Why, with a gallant warrior tike me in comm?

Constance scanned the report and picked up her heavy cudgel.Then why, reasoned Brother Rufus, did the rats not give aid to their own companions? Surely all two hundred were not trapped? The rat evaded the question and made a great show of rubbing his injured leg. Could they not take him in and dress his wound and perhaps give him a bite to eat at least?me to be called Columbine Agnes. Always longed for a youngMatthias looked on in wonderment. One minute they were above ground, a moment later there was a veritable shower bf loam and topsoil as they vanished beneath the earth: nature's own technicians.Out in the churchyard Chickenhound, who was the son of Sela, sat sunning himself upon a tombstone.

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rushes held him up.""But what's Basil doing asleep in the next bed?" he persisted.The Abbot folded his paws into the wide sleeves of his habit and stared impassively at the Warlord. "What do you want at Redwall Abbey, my son?"

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Cautiously, his captains watched the Warlord. Cluny 's long tail swished restlessly, the single eye stared at a carved eagle holding the rotting lectern on its outspread wings. What thoughts occupied the dark devious mind of Cluny the Scourge? Finally he looked up and spoke.128

"Look, what a golden opportunity! There's the Scourge himself, all dressed up to kill. We'll never get another chance like this."

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8Cluny lay against the wall, panting heavily. He managed an evil, wheezing laugh.Burning with resentment, Cheesethief was shoved unceremoniously aside. Cluny aimed a kick at him as the efficient weasel took his place. "You just sit there and be still," Cluny snarled. "And try not to make enough noise to waken the entire Abbey.""Strike."Brother Alf remarked that Friar Hugo had excelled himself, as course after course was brought to the table. Tender freshwater shrimp garnished with cream and rose leaves, devilled barley pearls in acorn puree, apple and carrot chews, marinated cabbage stalks steeped in creamed white turnip with nutmeg.

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Item six: When? At one in the morning when moonlight streams forth.

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The Sparra warriors backed off. Matthias picked himself up. Luckily, he had not come to much harm. He dusted his habit off. "Whew! Thank you once again, Warbeak, my friend. I owe you my life."Sela licked her lips. She tried to look kindly but earnest. "Actually I was going back to my den to replenish my stock of herbs, that's if you wish me to treat your leader properly, of course."Beside the north wall gate, Plumpen stirred. He groaned and rolled over. There was a bad wound on the back of his head, but he was still very much alive. The first sight that greeted the dormouse's hazy vision was three sparrows standing over him. They were Dunwing, Battlehawk and Windplume. Silently they slid Plumpen out of the open door into the woods.

His paw encountered a space in the left wall. It turned out to be a rectangular anteroom. Matthias was horrified to discover that it was full of cast-off snake skins. They lay about on the floor, dry and withered. He shuddered at the thought of their former occupants, the hairs rising on the nape of his neck as he swiftly abandoned the repulsive scene and hurried along the passage.

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