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Constance's free paw snapped the herb pouch from the fox's belt. She shook the contents out on to the stump. Grabbing the copy of Cluny's invasion plans she studied it briefly, then stuffed it into her belt.Constance grunted in agreement, not wishing to disillusion her trusting old friend. Deep within her she knew a dark shadow was casting itself over the Abbey. Furthermore, it was happening in the present, not in bygone days of fabled deeds."Hmm, rats. I knew they'd come eventually, through intelligence on me grapevine, y'know. Could feel it m the old ears, too. As for Redwall, I know it well. Excellent type, Abbot Mortimer. Splendid chap. I heard the Joseph Bell tolling out the sanctuary message. Huh, even had someKing Bull Sparra crammed the last candied chestnuts into his beak and chomped with evident enjoyment."A little bit of both, I suppose," said the young mouse. "Do you know much about Captain Snow and Asmodeus?"

192"Cornflower, how can I ever thank you for what you have said? You too are a very special mouse. It is late now. Go and get some rest. I think I will stay here a while longer.""Aye, and that one on the back! He looked like the Devil himself.""What about you, Constance?"Of course it was.

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Matthias, still with his paw outstretched, declared proudly, "This is Martin the Warrior. He founded our Order, and I'll tell you something else, rat. Martin was the bravest mouse mat ever lived. If he were here today he'd just take up his big sword and send you and all your bullies packing. Those of you he didn't chop up into crow meat.""Then again," Matthias argued, "would it not be better if we made our way to the quarry and waited there? Asmodeus is bound to head for home."

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Inside Cavern Hole the candles burned bright. Most of the woodland defenders and Redwall mice had retired to their beds. Those who preferred to stay awake were gathered by invitation of Matthias and Methuselah to a party supper. All who attended wished them well on their quest. Abbot Mortimer took the floor.

Plumpen stood by, anxiously watching the Warlord. At least his family would be safe now. The dormouse had faithfully carried out his part in the dreadful scheme; Cluny

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Matthias nodded contentedly in agreement.Before the young mouse could question the old one further, die Joseph Bell tolled out a warning. Sandals flapping, Matthias dashed out into the grounds, nearly colliding with the Abbot and Constance, who, like everyone else, were beading for the gatehouse.The dormouse watched Cluny's eye rove lazily from his family to the blazing inferno.

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Constance interrupted, "What type of shield?"

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A gasp arose from the crowd. Cluny's tail fell from his grasp as both victors and vanquished turned towards die Abbey whence the voice had issued.

But the voice persisted, boring into his mind. "Matthias, Matthias, I need you."

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