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"Well, warrior mouse. What do you think of your brave Redwall defenders now? Huh, not much, I imagine! I'm going to let you stay up there and witness some drastic changes."The tomb of Martin the Warrior!In silent Indian file they began the descent. The going was not too hard. There were lots of handholds and steps and the sandy rock was quite firm, not at all slippery. It took less than an hour for the three friends to climb down. They stood together on the Bat quarry floor gazing around.50Ragear's voice trailed off. He fumbled with his whiskers, wilting beneath the basilisk stare of Shadow's dead black eyes. He shuddered and fell silent.

Cluny actually smiled. Sela shuddered.While Log-a-Log held the rock from closing, Matthias peered into the hole. It was a long dark tunnel sloping down the side of the quarrystone.Somewhere there had to be at least a clue, a single lead that might tell him where the resting place of Martin the Warrior could be found, or where he could regain possession of the ancient sword for his Abbey. But where?

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Matthias interrupted. "Have you ever spoken to the sparrows about this 'something'?"Silence fell once more. Matthias cleared his throat. "Er, ahem. Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower, forgive me: as you see, I am a.stranger in these parts. I do not intentionally trespass on your land. Had I known I would have taken a different route. You have probably noticed by my habit that I come from Redwall Abbey. Though I am a warrior, we are a healing and helping order. It is usual for all creatures to allow a Redwall mouse to pass in peace. This is the unwritten law."

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Slowly they repeated the line together, "'At night, when day's first hour.'""Phut!"

"And that's when well strike!"

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The young mouse needed no second bidding. Drawing himself up to his full height, he saluted in a smart militaryLog-a-Log came racing up. Matthias shouted to him, "Guosim's in a state of shock! Help me, let's get her into the water.""Jess! Where is the sword?" he panted."Get down, you nincompoops," Cluny hissed. "Don't try to outclimb a squirrel. See if you can keep her near the ground while I think what to do."222

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Matthias thanked his lucky stars that he had once more come out alive. Had he refused to give the belt he would surely have died. Anyhow, he reflected, it was only a temporary loan. As he planned on stealing the scabbard from Bull Sparra, why not the belt to go with it?

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Cluny shook his standard. As the ferret's drum thundered out he roared madly, "On to Redwall! Smash the gates! Kill, kill!"152It nodded.

"If we stand up here at one o'clock in the morning on the night of the foil moon, we may be able to find the sword of Martin the Warrior," he said, rather sternly.

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