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"Oh yes, indeed I do. It means that Martin somehow knew that one day he would live on through you."Chickenhound sneaked along, keeping close to the Abbey. He slunk swiftly across the grounds to one of the small doors in die massive outer wall. The murderer had to get out into the woods before Hugo regained his senses enough to raise the alarm. Wrestling wildly with the stout bars and bolts, he managed somehow to open the small iron door. Without a backward glance the fox bolted offinto the Mossflower woodland. As he ran the Joseph Bell began tolling out the alarm.Matthias drew Shadow's dagger from his belt and gave it to his friend. He sat watching as the old mouse began writing in the dust from the rubble.J74Suddenly the Joseph Bell began tolling. Sparra warriors appeared in swarms that almost obscured the sky above the Abbey. They landed in droves around the parapet edges. The grounds came to life with teeming swarms of Guerrilla Shrews armed to the teeth with rapiers, cudgels and slings. Matthias whirled the sword above his head as he roared out his battle cry."But we don't," cried Jess. "Bring the archers! Keep the slings going! Let's give that mob in the ditch something to think about."It sounded vaguely familiar, but he had other things to do than identify the voice. He must find the sword. In the stygian gloom he saw the late rose. It was bathed in a pale blue light. What was it doing here in this dark netherworld?

Dunwing attempted to press for justice. "King eat gift. Now mouse go free?""Anything! Anything you say! What do you want of me?" he screamed in his fear and anxiety."Asmodeussssssssssssss!"Apprehensively the little group shuffled forwards. Cluny raised himself slightly on one elbow."Listen to me," she roared. "I know that Log-a-Log is a wise elder, but I am president of our union, conirades. The mouse hasn't told us where he is going."

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86'Who says that I am dead"Listen, we're going to climb this tree. When we get up high enough I'll find a strong branch that we can bridge to the wall with the plank. If we go carefully, the mice won't suspect a thing. Before they can gather their wits about them well be inside Redwall."

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Damn that badger's hide! She'd taken the plans from Sela"By mother's egg, Warbeak swear."

"Aye, we saw him, Chief."

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A hail of sharp stones and pebbles whizzed upwards, rattling against the masonry as Cluny waved his tail in the meadow below. Taken unawares, several mice were felled and a mole lay stunned.Matthias was glad of the brief respite after all the excitement. But he told himself that he could not afford to stay long. He must press on to Redwall. He heaved a great sigh. The life of a warrior was very tiring.Foremole (who was never too keen on heights) covered his eyes with a paw. "Gurr,, moi dearie, dearie me. She'm loiken an owlyburd alia ways up thurr. Nay, oi'm afeared to look."Jess wiped her eyes on the decoy cloth and sniffled piteously as she answered. "Well, all right then. If I have your promise that my family will be safe, then you can have this old thing. It means nothing to me."Neither of them was aware of the inquisitive, beaked face of a sparrow who watched them from the corner of a stained-glass window. It noted the would-be intruders, then flew off.

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Brothers Rufus and George had an incident to report. A large evil-looking rat, covered in tattoos and carrying a rusty

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Slowly they repeated the line together, "'At night, when day's first hour.'"Throughout the day-long battle, the animals not directly involved in the fighting had been busy too. Father Abbot was tending the wounded in Great Hall, Friar Hugo was constantly sending Cornflower and her helpers back and forth to the ramparts with food and drink. Mrs. Churchmouse and Mrs. Vole were making bandages from old clean sheets. Silent Sam had been left with Tim and Tess, the Churchmouse twins. He had played with the infants until they fell asleep in a heap of bandages.The fieldmouse untied her headband. It was her favorite one, pale yellow bordered with the cornflowers after which she was named. She tied it to Matthias's arm, the right one, just above the elbow. A maiden's colors for her champion warrior.

With an odd feeling, Matthias realized that he and Warbeak were now on first-name terms.

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