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"Do?" he cried. "I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll be ready."Brother Alf watched the little figure flip-flopping off. HeHis eyes blazing with madness, Cluny flung his claws wide. "All of you, defenders of Redwall, listen to me! When I first came to the Abbey I gave you a choice: surrender or die. You chose to fight me. Me, Cluny the Scourge! I lost battles, 1 lost skirmishes, I lost soldiers, but I have won the war. You are the losers. Now you must pay with your lives!"Matthias laughed mirthlessly. "Will he indeed? Well, you tell King Thingummy if you should bump into him again, that you've met Matthias the Warrior, and I don't kill that easily, my bad-tempered little friend."The two warriors and a nearby fledgling who was half awake laughed obediently with their King.Before either of the friends could decide what to do, a rat appeared on the scene. They remained motionless.

The tears rolled down Matthias's cheeks. He could not stop them. The Abbot patted his paw kindly.dreadful little rogue! I've got the very thing for you. This is a leveret dagger. All young hares carry one. Here, let's try it on you for size, young buccaneer, what, what!"Matthias's young head was in a whirl. He could not remember being so happy in all his life. Winifred the otter nudged him.

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Cheesethief sprang into action, surprised that Scragg still lived but fatalistically accepting that nothing could kill Cluny. "Quick, get that plank over here, you lot. We've got to get the Chief out of here.""What? Oh, yes. I was dashing about and 1 didn't see it, Chief. The fox can tell you. She saw it, and if she didn't, well, I already told her," said Fangburn, his voice trailing off miserably.

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Cluny's tail banged down on the rotting lectern, smashing it into several fragments.Asmodeus tried forcing his body through with one swift thrust. He found his bunched coils jammed firmly in the tree root. Relaxing, he allowed his head to wave from side to side.

who started spreading the rumor - it had always been the same with the Sparra.

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to take a mouse as prey. She was a fierce, frightening bird. Have you ever been close up to a sparrowhawk? No, of course you haven't. Well, let me tell you, they can hypnotize small creatures with those savage golden eyes. Born killers, they are. But this hawk said something that made me think. She talked of the sparrows, called diem winged mice, said that many years ago they had stolen something from our Abbey: a treasure that belonged to the mice. Wouldn't say what it was. Just flew off. Huh, who expects gratitude from a sparrowhawk, anyway?"As he shouted madly, the sparrow pulled at the belt. Matthias knew he was facing death with the insane ruler in one of his lunatic rages. He must think fast.Cluny leaped into the air. The mice scattered in panic.lying on its side. He sprang up on it and walked it about,

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He paused and stared at Matthias in an odd manner. "Hmm, y'know there's something about you, young feller. Did you ever hear the story of how Martin the Warrior first came to Redwall?"

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Cluny halted them. He nodded to Scumnose.317As fast as they could run, both mice hurried up the steps to the top of the wall. With Matthias in the lead they pounded along the ramparts. Matthias stopped above the gatehouse and stamped his foot upon the stones.

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