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Complete silence fell. He handed the pebble to Matthias.her otters slid into the water. As she swam Winifred issuedAfter a while the sparrows drifted off, some to their nests, others to hunt worms. A chosen few went with the King to play three feathers, a popular Sparra gambling game of which Bull Sparra was very fond. Dunwing and her daughter led the dancing mouse off to their nest at the rear of the court under the farthest eaves.With the lantern and basket in one paw and the jug in the other. Cornflower ascended the steps at the south-east corner of the wall. Brother Rufus assisted her up on to the ramparts.The badger forestalled the explanation that was upon the young mouse's lips. She beckoned Matthias inside, shutting the door behind them. "You can tell us everything later, Matthias. Right now I insist that you come to the main gate. There's something you must see."

Keeping a mound of earth between himself and Brother Rufus, Matthias silently looped the rope around a projection at the edge of the parapet. Fortunately for him, Rufus was looking in the opposite direction. Matthias started to slide . down the rope on the Mossflower side of the wall, where the woods came close up to the Abbey.The assembled creatures passed on a vote of thanks to Matthias for his resourcefulness and bravery. Matthias blushed. Then he sat listening intently while those who had taken part in the battle recounted all they could remember. In the aftermath of that memorable conflict there was much speculation as to what the future held.Cluny lifted his visor to get a better view. It was too late to call out against what he saw happen next.Cluny nodded sympathetically. "Aye, you're probably right. I suppose I'll have to stretch a point. You can go off to the woods to search for this vital herb. But be warned, fox! There will be two rats with you all the time. One false move and I'll have that bushy tail of yours to trim the collar of my war cloak. Is that understood?"

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"It's really very simple, isn't it, Basil? How am I doing?"

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Cheesethief fell to his knees, sobbing. "But you didn't see him. Chief. He was just lying there. His face was all swollen and his tongue was sticking out. It had gone purple. Ugh! He was all sort of bloated like ... it was horrible!"Sela was taking the bait!

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Matthias reflected that he had used desperate measures to secure a promise, but with justification. He was being uncompromising with himself as well as his captive. No more could he afford to be the silly little novice that had bumbled about the Abbey before the start of the present troubles. He was maturing, learning the warrior's way. This mission was vital. Redwall depended upon him, just as it had once depended upon Martin the Warrior.Chickenhound was dismayed. This last insult had taken die wind completely out of his sails. He tried to think how Sela would have handled a situation like this. Eventually he unrolled the bark scroll and waved it up at Constance.55

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Warbeak scowled fiercely, but she munched the nut readily.

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With two rats flanking him, the Father Abbot stepped forward in a slow, dignified manner. Even clad in his nightwear he radiated calm and fortitude. Cluny sat back, sneering openly.

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