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The old mouse sat down beside him, nodding gravely.35

Killconey also demonstrated his persuasive powers. "Ah, you take the Chiefs word. He's lookin' for a good first officer. Why don't you come down now and talk it over? Sure, the loot will be grand when we conquer the Ab?Ouch!""I come from Redwall Abbey."

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The big rock catapulted over the top of the parapet. Several seconds of silence followed, then there was a crash, accompanied by screams of pain and shock from the rats packed into the ditch below. Winifred and Foremole gravely shook paws.

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"Matthias, quickly, over here in the hut."

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No need of burial patties. Nature and the woodlands took care of their own funeral arrangements. There was but one efficient undertaker. The adder's jaws opened in something resembling the nightmare of a smile. The pathway to eternityAsmodeus poked his head into the entrance. His sibilant voice called in to them: "Stay where you are, little ones. I will come to you, Asmodeussss!"

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Mr. Squirrel held Silent Sam up in his arms. "Look, Sam. Mum's done it! She's on the way back down now."

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"Aaaah, I had a nice peaceful nap without you three clattering about the room and creating a noise. How's that tree-felling coming along?"

Knowing the supply of arrows was not endless, the badger looked to the heaps of rubble and stone along the parapet edges. "Brother Rufus! Foremole! Be ready to shift that lot overboard at a moment's notice."

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