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Cornflower spoke up. She was dry-eyed and pale, her paws tightly clenched. "Father Abbot, the loss of Matthias's life was not a waste. It was a tremendous act of bravery andThe horde was almost upon them. Quick as a flash, Jess grabbed the end of Cluny's tail. She swung him with all of her might, throwing him off balance and sending him crashing into the frontrunners of the horde. Jess threw Basil's paw about her shoulder."Aye, aye, Chief."Methuselah nodded wistful agreement. "Indeed it would. But alas, for all our efforts, the trail is as cold as a midwinter night. I'm afraid we must resign ourselves to the fact that the sword is lost or hidden somewhere forever."333

The paw-sucking continued without comment.spat it out.Cluny grabbed the Father Abbot and threw him to the ground. Lashing the frail figure with his poison-barbed tail, he shouted, "Who are you to tell me what to do? There is only one law, my word! There is none to stop me, not badgers or hares or otters or mice. 1 will kill you all. Kill, kill, kill!"

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The old gatehouse-keeper put on his glasses. "Well, have you solved the riddle all by yourself?""Who's doing all that scratching and scraping? Come out and show yourself if you are a friend. But if it's a rat out there, then you'd best start running, otherwise you'll have to deal with me, Matthias, a warrior of Red wall."

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? "That's exactly what I had planned myself," the shrew replied. "If we spread out along the bank and remain hidden, men we'll stand a good chance of spotting Poisonteeth. It's a good idea, but I can see a drawback. Supposing the adder catches the scent of shrews? There's so many of us that it's a distinct danger."

Methuselah breathed upon his glasses, polishing them on his fur. "Really, it's thanks to Sister Germaine for keeping such fastidious records, young mouse. Now, here's where you'll start."

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Outside in the meadow, Fangburn and Darkclaw listened in disbelief to the ferret.strangely slanted, black without any brightness in them. The eyes of Shadow were like those of a dead thing."D'you know much about birds?" Log-a-Log said. "What about sparrows?"When the Abbot had departed, Chickenhound snuggled his filthy body down against the clean white sheets. He felt a little better already, well enough to have a quiet snigger.

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The creature had spiky fur which stuck out at odd angles all over. Around its brow was bound a brightly-colored scarf. The stranger was fully a head shorter than Matthias. It stood defiantly blocking his way, glaring at him with the maddest-looking eyes he had ever encountered.

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The shrews made a frenzied rush into the undergrowth; Matthias found he was standing alone. After a few minutes Log-a-Log and Guosim ventured stealthily out again. Forgetting the stone, Guosim spoke in an awed voice, "D'you mean you actually intend to walk right up and speak to Snow?""Oh him," Cornflower chuckled. "He says that he has anSpreading his wings to their incredible length. Snow screeched, "I'll bet anything. Whatever you say, mouse."

Matthias reflected that he had used desperate measures to secure a promise, but with justification. He was being uncompromising with himself as well as his captive. No more could he afford to be the silly little novice that had bumbled about the Abbey before the start of the present troubles. He was maturing, learning the warrior's way. This mission was vital. Redwall depended upon him, just as it had once depended upon Martin the Warrior.

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