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Look for the sword#72The badger stood up wearily and rubbed her eyes.'don't look. Run for your life!' And that's exactly what we did, sir. Oh, you'll never know how horrible it was. I'd rather be tied in a blazin* barn than go back there, so I would! The great scaly body of the?*The Abbot shrugged. "No doubt it will. But please make it soon. We are not getting any younger, you and I."it, Poisonteeth."Still sucking his paw, the small squirrel smiled shyly. He took hold of Matthias's tail as they went forwards together, the mouse talking animatedly, the squirrel nodding vigorously.

Suddenly it became clear to Matthias. "Oh, I see," he cried, "'From o'er the threshold' means that we must stand on the wall directly above the gatehouse."Dunwing was the widowed mother of Warbeak. She was also sister to the mighty King Bull Sparra. When her daughter was shot down by the arrow, she had given her up as dead. Now that she was back safe and sound she stroked and scolded her at the same time with relief. When she could get a chirp in edgeways, Warbeak related the strange story to her mother in the rapid Sparra dialect."She may be a fox, but she'll never outfox me," Cluny thought to himself. Sela had assured him that with three weeks' rest,.combined with her healing skills, he would be fighting fit once more.336

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The hare disappeared momentarily. He reappeared next to

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Matthias's paws quivered with the strain of hauling up his own body weight. He strove gallantly upwards, reaching the gutter. It took all the young mouse's courage to let go of the rope and grab for the thin curving edge. Nerving himself, he did it in one clean move, clamping his paws heavily into die weatherworn sandstone groove. Under the unexpected weight it crumbled and broke!275

The owl emerged grumpy and ruffled. Thoroughly humiliated, he called out to his former friend the cat, "It was all my fault. I apologize to you, Squire Julian."

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"Him be gap in wall like old worm mouse say about," Warbeak chimed.Sam jumped down from his mother's knee. The barrel was"Have you seen Matthias?" the Abbot asked. "He's been missing from his room since yesterday afternoon."Silently the mice did as ordered. The cart moved off with Matthias positioned on the back providing a rearguard. The young mouse gripped his staff tightly, his back to his charges, facing down the road in the direction the hay cart had taken.

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The treatment was working.Matthias sensed that Julian and Snow had once been good friends. Maybe the rift in their relationship was the cause of Julian's present state of fatalism and gloom. He decided wisely not to pursue the matter further at the moment.

"Matthias come quick, not lose time!"

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