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gleaming craftily.Suck, suck, suck.backwards. He cowered behind the Abbot's chair, his mouth workingThe old mouse did not hide his disappointment. "Humph! After all the help and assistance that I've given, countless hours of study and valuable time. Really!"

Look for the sword"Do you talk?"The fox and the rat stood looking at each other, their thoughts running on parallel lines. It was fairly obvious what must be done if they were to save their skins.In a trice they were back, moist snouts poking from the excavation. They made their ground report to Foremole.

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"Before we know what's hit us, eh?" she growled. "We'll be doing some hitting of our own before the day is through!"Cluny knew that he was succeeding with his scheme against the squirrel as more hard chestnuts pelted down.Cluny gestured with his tail. "Come closer then. I will tell you what must be done."

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A sleepy head poked round the door opening. Bull Sparra

Brother George agreed, on condition that the rat surrender his weapon.

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Half an hour before dawn the young mouse was roused by a shrew who gave him an acorn cup full of sweet berry juice, a loaf of rough nutbread and some tasty fresh roots that he could not identify. By dawn's first light they were on the move again, marching until mid-morning. Matthias saw the edge of Mossflower Wood. The tall trees thinned out, bush and undergrowth were sparse. Before them lay an open field of long, lush grass dotted with buttercup and sorrel. In the distance he could see the abandoned farmhouse that Basil had spoken of. All the shrews had disappeared with the exception of Guosim and Log-a-Log. The latter pointed to the barn adjoining the farmhouse.his spectacles from a moss-bark case, carefully perching them cm the bridge of his nose. All gathered around to hear as he opened a record book and spoke in a squeak barely above a whisper.Matthias turned his back upon the snowy owl and strode off with a string of taunts ringing in his ears.309Chickenhound was dismayed. This last insult had taken die wind completely out of his sails. He tried to think how Sela would have handled a situation like this. Eventually he unrolled the bark scroll and waved it up at Constance.

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The young mouse gripped his staff tighter. "Yes, it's the silence we can hear. The grasshoppers have gone quiet.""Come on down, mouse, Cluny the Scourge is waiting for you," he cried."Well, the last two lines are pretty clear," said Methuselah. "They mean that Martin, carrying on through you, has a great task to perform."

"Ah, Father Abbot, you read me like a book. I do have a secret, but trust me, all will be made known to you in the fullness of time."

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