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The rain stopped. Within minutes the hot June sun burst down on Mossflower, as if in apology for its absence. Clouds of steaming mist arose from die woodland floor, mingling with the golden shafts slanting down through the trees. The birds began singing. Each flower and blade of grass was decked out in jeweled pendantry with necklaces of sparkling raindrops.At a given signal, John Churchmouse began tolling the attack warning upon the Joseph Bell. All through the Abbey and its grounds creatures stopped what they were doing.Basil picked up a worn and discarded sandal. He undid the foot strap. Threading the dagger and sheath along the strap, he fastened it around Sam's waist.With that Basil closed his eyes. He was soon snoring gently. Matthias realized there was no more to be said, so he decided to nave a rest too. Basil Stag Hare: what an amazing old campaigner, the young mouse thought, as he drifted offto sleep.This last statement sent the young sparrow off into a veritable dance of rage. "Mouse no friend of Warbeak! K-Killee, k-k-killeed"Matthias looked blank. "Beg pardon?""The otters! The otters!"

haversack. He patted his flying friend. "Warbeak, I can no longer keep you collared. You are a free sparrow and a very good friend."The hare had cast off his leg bandage. Now that he was back in active service the "honorable war wound" was completely forgotten.222Cluny remained riveted to the spot, his eye staring upwards. Before he had time to think it was too late. . . .

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Below the newly-discovered steps, a pair of lanterns cast pools of golden light into the inky blackness. The two mice made their way gingerly down the secret staircase. The moles stayed outside, ready to help if they were needed further."At least you seem to lead a peaceful life," he said hopefully.Scragg saluted smartly and offered a helpful comment. "This branch I'm sitting on, Chief, I've just been testing it and it feels good and strong. Maybe we should mount the plank from here to the wall. It'll reach easily enough. I know it's a bit of an uphill climb, but it shouldn't be too difficult. I don't fancy those branches higher up - they're too thin."

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Redtooth dodged back as his request was greeted by howls of derision and some loose pieces of masonry from the ramparts. These plump little mice were not as peaceful as they first looked.Polite but eager applause rippled round as Hugo sliced the fish, and placed the first steaming portion on to a platter. With suitable dignity he presented it to the Abbot, who thanked him graciously.

Matthias was glad of the brief respite after all the excitement. But he told himself that he could not afford to stay long. He must press on to Redwall. He heaved a great sigh. The life of a warrior was very tiring.

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no more nut."While Log-a-Log held the rock from closing, Matthias peered into the hole. It was a long dark tunnel sloping down the side of the quarrystone."Come now," said Methuselah, "compared with me, you are still a mouse in your prime. Yet like many others that think my senses are failing, you cannot see half the things that my old eyes observe."The young mouse needed no second bidding. Drawing himself up to his full height, he saluted in a smart militaryhim. "Matthias, thank you with all my heart for saving my family. We thought we were doomed."

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Brother Alf chuckled. "Do I! Matthias wouldn't be satisfied until that fish was landed on the bank. I was all for giving

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The King munched and chomped greedily on the sweet 玌t, eyeing the packet covetously. "Ha, mouseworm give King alia nuts. Majesty have great things on mind. Me thinka %out, hmmm, letta mouse go freehome."Shadow had been with Cluny for many years. Nobody was sure if he was rat or weasel, or even a bit of both. He was very lithe and wiry, and his long sinewy body was covered in sleek, black far. There was no hint of another color in his coat; it was blacker than moonless midnight. His eyes were"Cluny, I'm hurt, help me," he gasped.

When the astonished hubbub had died down the young mouse continued, "Think about it, Guerrilla Shrews! It would be a double blessing for you. With Asmodeus dead and Captain Snow held to his oath you could live in safety from both. And while I'm on the subject, my friend Julian the cat is quite harmless. He will not hunt you. Any time you need something from the barn, you have his permission to take it, providing you do so quietly, with no fighting or arguing. That is all I have to say to you, save for one thing. Lead me to the quarry."

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