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Guosim spoke through a mouthful of bread. "Log-a-Log. How else? That's how he got his name, you know. His father and his father's father before him were all called Log-a-Log. The whole family were all ferryshrews on this river. If you needed to cross the water you stood on the bank and shouted 'Log-a-Log*. Here, let's see if it still works."They both tucked in voraciously. Friar Hugo came waddling up, his face a picture of delight."Was it close to the wall?""I was there. Shadow sees all."This time, Matthias sat down hard, rubbing dazedly at his sore head. Constance chuckled.Cluny marched automatically, shaking his head in disbelief.By a stroke of luck he found an iron spike that had been thrown at Basil by one of the rats. Forcing the spike in the hoop of the lock, Matthias levered away.

"Listen carefully. You are going to open the Abbey door for me, my friend. If you fail, your precious little family will pay the penalty! Now, here is what you must do.""He was much bigger than the others, Father."Matthias crouched at the edge of the woods. He could see the back of the church. There were ten or twelve rats patrol-ting it, some distance away. Before he dealt with that problem mere was still the common land to be crossed. Clumps of thistle and slight ground hummocks would be his only cover.Skullface scurried over on to the driver's seat, yelling with pain. "No more! Don't whip me. Chief. Look, I'm going to doit."

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"Hmm, nice shiny scales, bright eyes, beautifully fresh." Friar Hugo smiled so joyfully that his face disappeared amid"Methuselah," he said kindly, "hadn't you better lie down awhile?""That's probably what caused old Ambrose to pass out. Pain and loss of blood. He must have traveled a fair way in that condition. D'you think he'll live, Father Abbot?"

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On the spiral staircase he met Cornflower.All activity ceased as the great Joseph Bell tolled out eight o'clock from the Abbey belfry. Silently, all the creatures filed to their allotted places. They stood reverently behind the seats with heads lowered. Abbot Mortimer rose and solemnly spread his paws wide, encompassing the festive board. He said the grace.

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"Come in this instant, or I'll tell Cluny!""Now, you drop out of sight," Jess gasped. "I'll drawThe baby squirrel continued sucking on its paw.Knowing that the badger was far more experienced than himself, Matthias assumed the role of second-in-command. "Right, Cornflower, get in the cart and take charge of the mothers and babies," he said. "Mr. Fieldmouse, Mr. Church-mouse, up front with Constance, please."

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104Mangefur pointed an accusing claw at his companion. "Please, Chief, it was Ragear's fault. If we'd gone across the fields instead of up the road?Cluny was satisfied. He had been treated by healers many times before. Sela was the best; all the added muttering, dancing and trickery was done merely to enhance her reputation, to pull the wool over the eyes of stupid ignorant creatures.

Winifred pushed the patient gently back on to the pillows and held a bowl of water to the cracked, dry lips.

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