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Cluny's only hope was that the mice would become overconfident and eventually make a mistake. It was the old waiting game. Just let them make one slip; that was all he needed. Meanwhile, he had a greater obstacle to overcome man mice: the walls. It was those same accursed walls that were ruining all his plans. Cluny tore viciously at the rotting log until great chunks of it flew through the air. If this scheme worked he wouldn't have to worry about walls anymore. He would be inside those walls like a fox among day-old chickens.The ancient mouse placed his paws on his young friend's shoulders. His voice trembled as he bade goodbye. "Good fortune go with you, Matthias. I wish that I were young and agile once again so that I could accompany you.""But what's Basil doing asleep in the next bed?" he persisted.142The air was chilly but dry. Deeper and deeper the two friends went until the steps ended at the beginning of a downward-winding corridor. It had been neatly dug and shored up with wooden supports. Matthias suppressed a shudder. How long had it been since any creature trod this silent musty passage? He brushed away cobwebs which disintegrated at the touch of a paw. Methuselah held on to his habit. Now they turned left, now right, then another left turn, left again, then right. Methuselah's voice sounded hollow and eerie. "The passage was probably dug like this to give it extra strength. Have you noticed, Matthias? We seem to be going downwards still."

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It was only the timely intervention of Abbot Mortimer that saved Redtooth's life. ."Constance, would you please let the rat up? Much as I"Bring it up close to the wall," he whispered urgently. "That's it! Now make sure it's on an even keel! I don't want the top wobbling all over the place."No amount of wheedling and blandishment would cause the cynical badger to change her mind. She was adamant. In the end, Chickenhound had to throw the scroll up. He made several puny attempts, each one weaker than the last. As the scroll fell back down into the road yet again, Constance called aloud, "Put some energy into it, you little milksop. I'm not hanging about here all day."

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Matthias turned on his heel and stormed off towards the river.His lightning reflexes serving him well, Cluny leaped dear. He landed catlike on all fours as'the hay can upended in the roadside ditch, its buckled wheels spinning awkwardly.

The old gatehouse-keeper choked, spluttering ale over his habit. "Good grief! I never looked at it that way. Very good, young one. Maybe the answer is in the next two lines. What do they say?"

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"No, no, you dare not harm these creatures!" he cried. "H would be murder.". Constance pounded upon the table with a heavy paw, emphasizing each word. "And make no mistake about it, Cluny the Scourge will attack Redwall again. I'd stake my life on it! Think for a moment. If Cluny were to give up the idea of conquering this Abbey, he would lose both face and credibility with the army he commands. Furthermore, and most important of all, word would spread across the land that Cluny was not invincible, that he could be beaten by mice!Cluny's powerful tail shot out and dragged the unfortunate forward. Skullface cringed as sharp dirty claws dug into his fur. Cluny nodded at the horse.Matthias was glad he was walking behind the rats; he blushed with shame. Cluny had sent the defenders scattering like butterflies in a whirlwind. Matthias was furious; the enemy now knew he was dealing with untrained and untested soldiers.A voice interrupted him. "Tut tut, officer striking an enlisted creature! Bad form, old chap, thumping bad form!"

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an unknown threshold nagged at his brain. Methuselah had gone off to seek the solitude of his gatehouse study, where he claimed he could think more clearly.

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"Of course I'm sure," replied Methuselah. "It couldn't mean anything else! Your name has eight letters in it. So has 'am that is,' An M, two A's, two T's, an H, an I and an S. Whichever way you look at it, Matthias or 'am that is,' it comes out the same."It took the rat sentries a moment or two to recover from their surprise. Then they let out yells of rage and tried to seize the impudent hare.Dunwing, being the King's sister, was of royal blood. Her husband had been killed the previous spring in a battle with some starlings. He had saved the life of the King, whereupon Bull Sparra had vowed to care for her and her daughter: but he had instantly forgotten his promises, leaving the pair to fend for themselves. Only in moments of urgency would Dunwing remind him of his vow, knowing that Bull Sparra was a dangerous despot. So normally Dunwing maintained a diplomatic silence in his presence.

Warbeak puffed out her chest. "Sparra word always good. Warbeak no say lie. Me swear by mother's egg. That big swear."

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