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"It's Ambrose Spike. He's hurt. Quick, let's get down there."The sharp ears of Cluny had caught what the unfortunate soldier had said. The Warlord leaped down from his rostrum and seized the trembling miscreant, booting him forward into plain view of the army.

"Agreed," chortled the owl. "In fact I'll go even further. I promise you that if you defeat the snake, I'll admit I was wrong to that stuffy old cat. I'll even apologize to him on bended knees, so there!"

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"Asmodeus, Asmodeussssssss," it hissed. "So kind of you to untie yourself, rat! Come with me, I will show you eternity! Asmodeus, Asmodeussssssss."

Matthias stood reverently, gazing upon the calm features of his own legendary hero in the silence of the small chamber.

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80The young fieldmouse helped Matthias with the haversack straps. She tried not to let her concern for him show. "Matthias, I know you won't tell me where you are going, but wherever it is, please take care of yourself."

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