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Cluny spoke aloud to the picture of Martin, bound to his standard: "Ha, that fox should easily give those idiots of mine the slip. Then she can deliver my false plans to your Abbot. It's all going along quite smoothly. Bit of a blow for your side, eh, mouse?"Matthias continued ducking and weaving, conscious that his life hung by a thread. Captain Snow flicked out a talon. Matthias dodged nimbly aside.He skillfully tripped Sela and Chickenhound with the spear butt. They fell in a heap at Cluny's feet, where they lay shivering and protesting their innocence.In spite of his dangerous predicament Matthias was inwardly amused at the King's use of his name. Slumping to the floor, he sat with his head between his paws, the picture of dejected innocence.46"Wait a tick," the shrew replied. Taking a small boulder, he jammed the entrance slab from swinging shut. "I'm ready now. Lead on, Matthias."Constance could not hear a thing from the distance of the ramparts, which was just as well in the circumstances.

"Ouch! That hurt, Father," Matthias said weakly."Old Wormtail has lost a paw. Some of the others are really hurt."349162299

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Matthias repeated the words, but he could make no sense of them. " 'I-am that is.1 What is? 'Two mice within Redwall.' Hmm, two mice it tells of."Silent Sam clenched his little paws over his head. He shook them like a tiny champion. Nobody in all the world was a better climber than his mother."Aha, this looks like the end of the line," he squeaked.

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Poison probably meant it was an adder. He had never seen an adder, nor any other type of snake. At Redwall he had learned of snakes from the talk of others. They spoke of the adder as if it were a reptile that was half legend, half nightmare. It was said that even the Father Abbot himself would flatly refuse to treat a snake, no matter how bad its condition might be. Luckily there had never been cause to. There had never been reports of an adder in the area of Mossflower, that was why most creatures tended to treat it as a mythical reptile; but wise ones like Constance, the Abbot and old Methuselah assured everyone that the adder was cold deadly fact. They said that in all the world there was nothing more feared: the strong coils, hypnotic eyes and poison fangs."Matthias come now, me ready," she called.

There was loud applause for the Abbot's heartening words, but Constance was not convinced. She whispered her thoughts to Basil and Jess. "Never. Cluny won't leave us alone until either we are dead, or he is!"

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He watched as the fox sprinkled "magic herbs" on the pillow, reciting another strange spell as she did so.The big badger was uneasy. She knew this one, a fox from Old Sela's brood. You needed eyes in the back of your head to watch that lot!Warbeak sighed wistfully. She looked longingly on as her uncle found the package of candied chestnuts and ripped it open. Bull Sparra dubiously sampled one. His face lit up with pleasure. "This good food for Sparra King. Not good for mouseworm. Me keep."Unexpectedly Killconey received her reward for flattery at the wrong time - a thwack over her head from the standard.Dunwing hopped on the upturned chair, twittering with elation. "Look see! Look see! King hide stuff under old

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Matthias expressed his wishes to the "Stag." "Would it be possible for you to create some kind of diversion while I'm getting the tapestry? Could you keep the rats occupied. Basil?"


They both saluted. "Chief?"The huge reptile was sleeping. With every breath it ex-"Yurr, oi reckon they pesky varmints got'n an 'eadache," chuckled Foremole, as everybody on the ramparts ran to seek cover from the retaliatory missiles hurled by Cluny's horde.


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