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The captains gathered around the barrel, examining it. The top had been covered over with gauze. A strange noise issuedWhere was die fragment of tapestry?Constance pushed her way through to the limp sodden ;, figure. The Abbot and Cornflower were close behind her.your eye on him, though. If he catches you napping he'll chomp you up, medal and all."Next Foremole rummaged in his kit and came up with a tin of grease and a strong thin bar, one end of which was flattened like a spatula. Smearing the grease liberally on top of the third step, Foremole inserted the flat metal tip against the base of the fifth step. He dealt the blunt end of the bar a smart blow, setting it firmly into the crack. With a swift movement he levered the fourth step an inch forward, exposing a long dark gap."Here, what's happened? Where's Redtooth?" he asked anxiously.

dashed along the river bank. Other shrews left their hiding places and followed him."There you are, dear Cornflower," the Abbot smiled. "A warrior needs a good wife. You are the beauty that will grace Redwall and rule the heart of our Matthias. The old gatehouse will be extended into a proper home. It belongs to you both. Guard our threshold wisely and well."Matthias stood rigid. The owl's talons started to inch forwards as if they had a life of their own. The young mouse moved steadily backwards away from the talons. Captain Snow licked saliva from the edges of his beak. It was plain that he desperately wanted to eat Matthias.150Outside in the churchyard the leaderless horde did absolutely nothing to reorganize. Sitting about licking their

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127Winifred shrugged. "Well let's just hope that it was Cluny. Personally, Pd like to think that he's lying somewhere down there now, dead as a doornail.""Beg pardon, young mouse, old chap, but if you can't finish that blackberry muffin or that red-currant tart ..."

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The rat made as if to do so, then suddenly lunged at Brother George, only to be sent sprawling by a blow from Brother Rufus's staff. Realizing that he was up against two big, competent mice who would stand no nonsense, he became abusive and bad-mouthed.

slices of Friar Hugo's quince pie. Superb! Ahem, don't forget the goatsmilk cheese with hazelnuts. I'm very partial to that. Cut along now, you little charmer. My word, what an attractive young fieldmouse girl."

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? orders. "Spread out and dive deep. We'll quarter the pond"What is the law of Cluny?""Asmodeus, Asmodeussssssss."A minute or two later all four were standing on the gatehouse wall, shoulder to shoulder with countless other defenders. Cluny's horde was retreating, back down the road to their camp at St. Ninian's Church. There was a wild cheering from the ranks of the mice and woodlanders.

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Sela had never been allowed past the Abbey gates. She was certain that if Cluny's army overran Redwall, there would be enough treasure to keep even the greediest creature happy for life.

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He had imagined the descent would be very difficult, and surprised himself by handling it with ease, his confidence growing as he slid swiftly and noiselessly to the fern-covered ground. Crouched in the undergrowth, he mentally rehearsed his plan of action. He would go through the woods to St. Ninian's Church, avoiding the road that was being watchedQuaking with fear, Chickenhound held his breath as the woodland juggernaut thundered by within a couple of yards of the hideout. He listened hopefully as the path of destruction trailed off into the distance of Mossflower. Once more the woods grew quiet.A veritable avalanche of earth and rocks cascaded over the parapet. It smashed straight on to the main ladder. Rats screamed aloud and grasped at midair as they were swept from the ladder to the road below. The ladder fell sideways, cannoning into another one that had been set up beside it. As both ladders fell there were scenes of mass chaos. Badly wounded and shocked, the survivors on the roadway tried to crawl back to the safety of the ditch, only to be buried beneath rubble which thundered down on them. Many lay trapped

asleep. So we pounced on 'em and tied them up in a bunch. Nice big fat ones they are, Chief."

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