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Abbot Mortimer looked thankfully up at the sky. Evening had come. They had lasted out well; the rats had not breached die wall in any way. Most of the main fighting had gone into a lull. Cluny's horde was only making spasmodic sallies from the ditch now. Taking advantage of the interval, the defenders hauled up more rocks and rubble to the ramparts. Cornflower and her band of helpers were on top of the walls. Keeping their heads low, they moved from post to post, serving each creature with a bowl of stew, some wild grapes, and a small teaf of honeyed nutbread.As he crouched in the darkness the young fox decided that the coast was now clear. He could venture out again. Reaching behind, he felt for the sack that contained his first solo haul. Before he left he wanted to fondle his treasures once more,Martin tightened his hold relentlessly upon Matthias's shoulder. Pain shot through him like a red-hot lance. Martin cried out, "Hold him still now, hold him still!"Before he could be silenced he yelled out in a panic-stricken shout, "Matthias, Guosim's dead! I've just seen her in that cave! She's dead! Guosim is dead!"There in the open doorway of Great Hall stood the Warriot Mouse!

With a total lack of sorrow for his deceased parent, Chickenhound began figuring out his next move. He would have to He low in this stinking ditch until darkness fell. Even though he was severely hurt, the irony of the situation caused the young fox a silent snigger. It was he, not his mother, who had outwitted Cluny. Now he would soon be free with die revised plans of the attack upon Redwall Abbey. Surely that would be worth something?Log-a-Log came racing up. Matthias shouted to him, "Guosim's in a state of shock! Help me, let's get her into the water."v. silenced him."Shut your doddering mouth, old one," he snarled nastily.

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They shook paw to claw. The young mouse said his farewell in the Sparra language: "Matthias look for Warbeak. See someday. You go now. Be brave eggchick. Mighty Sparra warrior. Great friend."

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The three friends laughed until tears streamed down their cheeks. Methuselah held his sides as he spoke between gusts of merriment. "I say, Constance - ha ha ha - you old fogey - oh ha ha ha tee hee! - you'd better come along with us - ha ha ho ho oooh! - Matthias is a bit old for this sort of thing! Hahahahahahaha."Foremole (who was never too keen on heights) covered his eyes with a paw. "Gurr,, moi dearie, dearie me. She'm loiken an owlyburd alia ways up thurr. Nay, oi'm afeared to look."

The two mice had to jump aside smartly as the mole team took over. With much "Hurr-ing" and "Arr-ing," they waded busily in, bulldozing the enormous heap of rock and rubble off the top of the ramparts. It tipped downwards in earthy showers, back into the trench in the Abbey grounds whence it had first come.

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"Those nuts are for that poor little sparrow. Leave them alone, you great glutton," she scolded.Basil Stag Hare snorted. "Rubbish. My fight indeed! D'you fondly imagine that I'd sit there munching at the old nosebagIn Cluny's dream everything was shrouded in a red mist. The cries of Ms victims rang out as barns blazed, and ships foundered on a stormy red sea. Cattle bellowed in pain as he battled with the pike that had taken his eye. The Warlord thrashed about, killing, conquering and laying waste to all in his dream."Grab that big skinny rabbit, lads."Again the owl had difficulty in controlling his unbridled hilarity. "Ha ha ha! The nerve of him! All right, my little warrior! It's a bet. Name your promises."

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Swish! Crack! Cluny wielded his mighty tail as if it were a bullwhip. His victim screamed aloud with pain as the scourge lashed his thin bony back.Matthias addressed Foremole courteously. "Excuse me, sir, but do you know how to deal with this step now? If you do, then my friend and I would be only too willing to help you."Cluny had secretly questioned Fangbum about the conversation that had gone on between Sela and her son. There was no doubt about it, the foxes were trying to dupe the Warlord.

Damn that badger's hide! She'd taken the plans from Sela

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