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"Matthias, listen. We shrews of the union try to run our lives along democratic lines. You must not think too harshly of us. The shrew who spoke out against accompanying you was only stating chapter and verse of the act. 1 was wrong to hit him. Guosim did right to uphold his argument."His eyes blazing with madness, Cluny flung his claws wide. "All of you, defenders of Redwall, listen to me! When I first came to the Abbey I gave you a choice: surrender or die. You chose to fight me. Me, Cluny the Scourge! I lost battles, 1 lost skirmishes, I lost soldiers, but I have won the war. You are the losers. Now you must pay with your lives!"

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Riding upon a cat's back was a new and unusual experience for Matthias. Although he took great care to disguise it, Julian was quite an observant creature. As he strode with an easy grace across the farmyard, he remarked idly, "Your friends the shrews are out in force today. Ignorant little things! They think I can't see them. Give Log-a-Log and Guosim a message from me, will you? Tell them it is quite safe to come into die barn for hay and other items. Snow doesn't roost there any more. Goodness knows, I certainly won't hurt them. My diet consists of herbs, grasses and an occasional fish from the river. I gave up red meat years ago. You might also mention that if they must come to my barn, would they please desist from arguing and fighting so much? There's nothing quite as upsetting as quarrelsome little shrews disturbing one's meditations."

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Much to everyone's surprise, the Abbot came to Matthias's defense. "One moment, Clemence, Matthias speaks sense. Let us hear what he has to say. We are none of us too old to learn."

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