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"Accident or not, we owe Cornflower a debt of gratitude,""Right or left?"Ignoring her injuries, Constance called into the surrounding woods, "Over here, he's over here!"The shrew seemed uncertain for a moment, then she stormed back in her low gruff voice, "I am Guosim, and you still haven't told me what you want in shrew territory."Warbeak had been caught napping. She came to life in an irate mood. "Worms, all worms, you old mouseworm! Stay 'way, Warbeak killee!""Some of my best friends are greased pigs, bottle nose. Oops! Missed me again, you old butterfingers, you.""No time for that," snapped the badger. "Look!"

Shadow shifted position and levered with his back legs and tail. Now he wedged his claws into a fissure and stretched upwards, gaining inch by inch."Except you?"239The young mouse stood tapping his tail in exasperation.oncoming fox.

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"That's easy," grinned Methuselah. "The rhyme says, 'from o'er the threshold seek and you will see.' It's simple! What is above our heads right now?"The meeting continued. They were joined by Basil Stag"I am that is!"

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Methuselah's curiosity was aroused. "And what has she been saying to you, this, er, Warbeak?"The wretched rat soldier lay shaking on the churchyard path. A hush fell across the entire horde. He stared beseechingly into the merciless eye of Cluny.

With Matthias trailing behind her on his lead, Dunwing lapped on the slates which formed King Bull Sparra's wall. An irate voice came from within. ' "Fly 'way, Sparra! King wanta sleep."

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Cluny stood in the ditch, claws on hips. He cracked his tail.Feeling slightly reassured, but still very uneasy, Matthias circled the pool, trying hard to ignore the loathsome hissing sound.Once more the sound of the Joseph Bell tolling out across the fields from Redwall wakened the Warlord. Fangburn, who was trying to extract a piece of elm branch from his Chiefs chest, leaped backwards in fright as Cluny's eye snapped open inches from his own.254A strange voice answered him. "Problem, a little problem? Well at least it's not a fully-grown adult problem."

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It was the hay cart that suffered most damage. Bolting recklessly from side to side down the road, the blinkered animal failed to see the twin stone gateposts on its right -skidding crazily, the cart smashed into the uprights. There was a loud splintering of shafts as the horse careered onwards, trailing in its wake reins, tracers and shattered timber.

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Ignoring his unprotected back, Matthias failed to see Fang-burn stealing up behind him. The rat raised his cutlass in both84Gradually they inched their way along until they arrived beneath the loft door. It was too high and difficult for either of them to reach. Matthias made several attempts before he had to admit defeat. He sat upon the ridge, kicking his legs

excuses. He kicked the tent folds aside, revealing Cheesethief s stricken face. The great arrow-shaft protruded from the ruined armor, his war gear.

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