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Nobody could determine which direction the sound was coming from. It seemed to fill the very air about them as it gathered momentum; the ground began trembling with the rumbling noise.Dunwing was the widowed mother of Warbeak. She was also sister to the mighty King Bull Sparra. When her daughter was shot down by the arrow, she had given her up as dead. Now that she was back safe and sound she stroked and scolded her at the same time with relief. When she could get a chirp in edgeways, Warbeak related the strange story to her mother in the rapid Sparra dialect.The badger thrashed about in the water. Why, oh why, hadn't the search party thought of looking in the Abbey pond?Redtooth got no further. Unable to contain himself, Matthias sent his staff ripping through the middle of the articles. As the torn document fluttered to the floor, Redtooth launched himself at Matthias with a snarl.

"Shut up and stop fighting, you hooligans, or you'll get to know nothing!" Matthias bellowed.The Abbot studied the wonderment in Matthias's eyes as he asked him a question, the answer to which the wise mouse already knew. "What are you looking at, my son?"Matthias called mockingly, "That's because you're afraid. Look, I bet I'll fight Asmodeus and win too."He was surprised at the ease with which he left the Abbey, slipping off into Mossflower through the side door in the wall, where unknown to him Methuselah's murderer had also passed on the previous day.Matthias picked up the sword of Martin. "By thunder, Log-a-Log! You're right! I fought hard for this sword in order to save Redwall! Come on!"

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"Do you know where that is?"He tucked the candied chestnuts under his wing, then picked up the collar and lead and beckoned to Matthias. "Mouseworm, come here. You lucky King letta live."Matthias turned his face to the wall, bereft of any tears or lamentation after the stresses of the experience he had recently come through. The death of his old and valued friend left a feeling like a large leaden lump inside his chest. He curled up and tried to hide within himself.

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"Listen to me," she roared. "I know that Log-a-Log is a wise elder, but I am president of our union, conirades. The mouse hasn't told us where he is going."older than you and have seen far more of life. There are not

Matthias continued, "Yes, if you look at these florin spikes, you'll find that they are in rows of seven, the same as the number of letters in Redwall. There are seven rows of spikes going from side to side and seven rows from top to bottom, forty-nine spikes in all. Therefore, the twenty-fifth spike up, down, or across is the exact middle spike. The rhyme says, 'look to the center.' That's this one here."

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"I wish it were that simple, my friend," Log-a-Log replied. "The land around the quarry offers no concealment; too flat and bare. Poisonteeth is full of ancient cunning too. He may have a secret entrance outside the quarry itself. I think it is best we wait here. I'll spread the comrades out in a line. We'll all keep watch."Feeling slightly reassured, but still very uneasy, Matthias circled the pool, trying hard to ignore the loathsome hissing sound.Constance and Ambrose Spike watched the odd pair pass by. The badger tapped the side of her head with a paw.As suddenly as she had spoken, Jess glanced to one side. Basil was no longer there. A breathless military voice whispered from the undergrowth, "Will do, old chum. See you back at the Abbey. Have a good chase now, cheerio."

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"Father Abbot, you must live," said Constance in a gruff choking voice.

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The reply sounded like a whisper of wet silk across a smooth slate. "Cluny, I am here. Why do you want Shadow?"331198

Panting furiously, Redtooth berated Fangburn: "You halfwitted fool! Now see what you've done! While you were busy assaulting a superior officer, you let the fox escape."

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