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"Hard to tell in this light," replied Winifred. "But I'd swear that was Cluny Constance tipped off the plank.""First rank, fire! Drop back, kneel and reload!"straight for the Abbey building. Try to capture the mouse Abbot. Darkclaw won't be with you; he'll take some warriors and fight his way through to the gate. Once it's open the others will be able to get in. I don't need to tell you, these are not peaceful creatures we are up against. You've seen for yourselves; they've had a certain amount ofluck to date, but they are determined tighten, so when you get up there Cluny wants you to show them what a horde of trained soldiers can really do! Don't.forget, the Chief knows how to reward good fighters when it comes to splitting up plunder."Suddenly, Cluny called over to Sela, "Hey, fox, take that brat of yours outside for a bit! Get some fresh air, and remember, no wandering off! Send Darkclaw in here to me, and that gabby ferret, whatsisname, Killconey."Dunwing waved impatiently. "That next part of plan. Pretty soon Warbeak come back. She tell what time squirrel meet you, good. Then Dunwing whisper big lie fib to other Sparra. It soon spread."From o'er the thresholdMatthias hesitated a moment, then blurted out, "Brother Methuselah, tell me where Martin lies buried."

Finally convinced, Matthias sat among the ferns with his allies. It was not wasted time: they held a council of war.Dunwing, being the King's sister, was of royal blood. Her husband had been killed the previous spring in a battle with some starlings. He had saved the life of the King, whereupon Bull Sparra had vowed to care for her and her daughter: but he had instantly forgotten his promises, leaving the pair to fend for themselves. Only in moments of urgency would Dunwing remind him of his vow, knowing that Bull Sparra was a dangerous despot. So normally Dunwing maintained a diplomatic silence in his presence."You know, old one, I can't help thinking that a victory would be assured if only we had the Warrior's sword," Matthias said."So we both went to look for him," said Sela.That evening Sela left the church, accompanied by Redtooth and Fangburn. Secretly she could have danced with delight. Only two guards! With her knowledge of Mossflower, Sela could quite easily give them the slip for fifteen minutes or so.

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?mother. I will not rest until justice is done to her murderers." The Abbot patted the young fox's paw. "Thank you for entrusting your confidence in us, young one. Close your eyes now, and try to get some rest."When the "bowlder" was in position, Winifred and Fore-mole hugged each other tightly. With a nod they jumped heavily on to the near seat.'Look for the sword In moonlight streaming forth, At night, when day's first hour Reflects the north.'"

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This time Matthias was aware that there would be another shower of falling dust when the door opened downwards. Wisely he had edged sufficiently along the ridge to avoid both.Killconey had a word with Cluny and was immediately sent down to supervise the operation. The garrulous ferret showed the rats that he possessed a sound knowledge of the principles of fulcrum and leverage. He rigged a block and tackle to supplement a dead tree limb that they were using as a lever. Ignoring wheels and axles he roped the cart to the block. With all the rats, and a great deal of luck, he managed to lift the hay cart until it was halfway out of the ditch. Further pressure on the lever sent the hay cart past its own point of balance. The block and tackle parted under the strain, sending the ferret and the rats on the level shooting down into the ditch. By mistake it did the trick. With a crash the cart landed upright in the road.

The air was chilly but dry. Deeper and deeper the two friends went until the steps ended at the beginning of a downward-winding corridor. It had been neatly dug and shored up with wooden supports. Matthias suppressed a shudder. How long had it been since any creature trod this silent musty passage? He brushed away cobwebs which disintegrated at the touch of a paw. Methuselah held on to his habit. Now they turned left, now right, then another left turn, left again, then right. Methuselah's voice sounded hollow and eerie. "The passage was probably dug like this to give it extra strength. Have you noticed, Matthias? We seem to be going downwards still."

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Loot and plunder from Redwall!Maddened by his own berserk rage, Bull Sparra flew straight upwards. When he was high above the young mouse, he dropped like a stone, right on target.The rat leaped at Constance, swinging his cutlass expertly. For a heavy badger, his adversary moved lightly and skillfully. Neatly sidestepping a cutlass thrust, she cuffed the rat smartly on the point of the nose. Stung into retaliation, Redtooth charged Constance with the point of his blade.Some time later, Cluny was deep in conference with Killconey and his squad. It was interrupted by a scuffle and commotion from outside. Cheesethief strode in, dragging Chickenhound and prodding Sela ahead of him with a spear.Fangburn spat scornfully at the fox's feet. "Are you trying to make fun of me, healer? What d'you think 1 am? Huh, writing materials! The idea of it!"

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Grabbing Guosim between them they rushed her into the shallows and ducked her under the surface of the river. She came up spluttering but coherent.

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Methuselah looked a trifle doubtful. "It looks to be a very rough approximation."Respectfully the ranks opened to allow Matthias and his companions through. Constance knelt to cradle her old friend's head, and Matthias gently clasped the wrinkled careworn paw. The Abbot smiled fondly at his young mouse.One thing Matthias was certain of as he strode swiftly through the trees: it would be he and he alone who faced Cluny the Scourge at the bitter end.


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