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Frogblood sprang forward, brandishing a spear. Before he could raise it, the ancient sword flashed in the warrior's grip and hewed him lifeless to the ground.Early evening saw the attack upon the Abbey get under way once more. Jess Squirrel and Ambrose Spike had joined the ranks of archers. They popped up and down selecting random targets.

Try as he would, Cluny could not evade the grim avenger with the sword. Shades of creatures that he had slain through the years came back to mock him. They got in his way, tripping him so that he stumbled and fell. Each time he would rise wearily and start to run again, the nemesis at his back, pursuing, striding unhurriedly, never changing pace as the wraiths of his dead captains, Skullface, Redtooth, Ragear. and Cheesethief, hovered about, urging him to turn and. face die warrior mouse. But he dared not turn. He kept running.171

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Matthias gingerly touched the swellings on his face. "Aye, that's as may be, old one. But you can see as well as I that Martin is gone. Without him I do not think we can win."35The deep, warm, brazen voice of the Joseph Bell tolled across the tranquil meadows, its echoes fading in the leafy depths of Mossflower Wood. It was eleven o'clock on the night of the full moon.

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"Bet you've never seen an owl chat size before, eh?"

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There was a sober silence around the table.

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'Temper, temper, m'lad," Basil chuckled. Reaching down to his bedside locker he dug out his dress tunic. It was covered in medals and decorations from a hundred campaigns. The hare selected a medal. Detaching it from the jacket, he tossed it across to Matthias.

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