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Matthias snorted indignantly. "Poor little sparrow, my eye! Listen, Miss, if I let .that young hussy off her lead for five minutes, we'd all be murdered in our beds."With wild yells very uncharacteristic of peaceful mice, the friends seized their staves and charged out, fired with new zeal. After a while Constance accompanied the Abbot to see Mr. Fieldmouse, while Matthias went with Methuselah to Great Hall. Together they surveyed the torn tapestry.Methuselah slumped in his armchair. "I'm afraid it doesn't mean anything to me?They were on the first ledge, high above Great Hall."I do hope that Mrs. Squirrel hasn't decided to sleep in," said Matthias. "She'll need an early start if she's going to make it back by lunchtime."At first Matthias could not be certain. He slitted his eyes and looked hard. A small dark blob was definitely making its way up. He waited with bated breath as it came nearer.CLANG!!!

scratching noise. Summoning up all his courage he banished his fears. Drawing Shadow's dagger he stepped out into the open, calling aloud in what he hoped was a gruff voice.Cluny had cursed Fangburn for twenty different kinds of an idiot. Fancy not being able to read, and allowing Sela to write out a message! Imagine letting Chickenhound go free without first getting the scroll read.The first volley of arrows was launched. They fell short of the sparrows. Jess carried on scrambling downwards, beating off attackers whenever she had a free paw.The Warlord detected a sob in the squirrel's voice.He was puzzled. What did the fearful dream mean? Cluny had never been one to put his faith in omens, but this dream ... it had been so lifelike and vivid that he shuddered.

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Cluny lay against the wall, panting heavily. He managed an evil, wheezing laugh.lift the wretched creature up and carry him to the sick bay, please?"Unexpectedly Bull Sparra's mood changed for the worse. He crumpled the empty dock-leaf packet and hurled it into Matthias's face.

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"I think I'm going to like you, m'boy," he cried. "Now, what about getting you to that church? Why, there's nothing simpler. But enough time for that later, young rip. How about telling me what brings you here? I love listening to a good yarn, y'know. Oh, by the way, I hope you like fennel and oatcakes. Of course you do! You'll share lunch with me ?of course you will - young 'un like yourself."The young mouse frowned. So, the old one had finally cracked. He was in his second infancy.

The agony increased. Matthias's eyes snapped open.

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"Bring it up close to the wall," he whispered urgently. "That's it! Now make sure it's on an even keel! I don't want the top wobbling all over the place."Above him on the roof, Dunwing had lost her footing. The sparrow's claws screeched and grated on the roofing slates as the weighted rope pulled her downwards on the steep slope. Dunwing leaned back, trying to dig her claws in somewhere to check the inexorable slide. The broken gutter edge loomed up, surprisingly bringing with it a desperate chance. With lightning speed, Dunwing tugged hard on the rope, gaining a little slack. Giving a skillfull flick, she jammed the tope in the niche of the broken stone edge. It slipped for a moment, then held. Flying out, Dunwing took a few extra turns upon the rope, locking it firmly off on the projecting edge. Letting go of her end, the sparrow flew down underneath Matthias. She started pushing himWhen the "bowlder" was in position, Winifred and Fore-mole hugged each other tightly. With a nod they jumped heavily on to the near seat.Within ten minutes Cluny was back. He nodded up at the parapet. "I've been up and down the length of the wall for a fair distance. The sentry mice are all asleep, the fools! They've never had to do guard duty before - as soon as night falls so do their eyelids. That's what soft living does for you."The piece of tapestry lay upon the road. Cluny snatched it , up eagerly. Behind him he could hear the gatehouse bolts being withdrawn amid the shouts of angry mice. Ruthlessly he kicked at Shadow's broken body.

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A picture of a mouse?

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99Jess Squirrel knocked the rat flat with both her feet. She sank her teeth into the bully's back. A pack of rats leaped upon Jess. They dragged her off their screaming companion and beat at her with their spear butts and cutlass handles.whiskers: apples, pears, quince, plums, damsons, even a vine of wild grape on the warm red stone of a south-facing wall. Old Mother Nature's blessing lay upon a haven of warm friendliness.

On top of the wall the mouse archers kept up their relentless hail of arrows into the ditch. Constance strode up and down, holding a heavy cudgel in her paws as she urged them on. 'That's the stuff to give 'em, mice! Keep those bows twang-

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