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Cluny the Scourge bared his fangs, grinning wickedly into the dark. He had finally brought his horde into Redwall!17812322One hour later they both sat on the stone floor, drinking October ale to quench the dust while they admired their handiwork.Silently they slid outside the small green-painted iron door. Matthias straining his eyes anxiously to see if there were any signs of life in the hedgehog. He still lay about a hundred and fifty mouse paces from where they stood.

Outside upon the grass the woodland captives heard Cluny's crazed laughter ringing from the Abbey. They shivered at theFrom the corner, Colin Vole started to weep aloud. "Oh we'll be locked in here until Cluny gets back. I don't want to face him again! Do something, Matthias! Save me!""Just as long as it gets me to sleep," said Cluny, smiling inwardly.Matthias drained the last of the milk from his bowl, wiping cream from his whiskers with the back of a paw. "Give me"Get out!"

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As complete darkness descended, a shrew sneaked up through the grass and tapped Matthias's shoulder.Guosim ran shakily some distance to the left. She pointed to the ground. "Right here! You can see the great slithering marks! Look!"Cornflower was having a very busy day.

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"Gosh!" said Matthias in an awed voice. "I thought I'd had it then. I was certain I'd fall. Thanks for saving me, Warbeak."Cluny stooped inside the tunnel workings, surrounded by as many of his followers as could pack in without causing mass suffocation. Killconey held Cluny's cloak over the entrance hole. Outside the air resounded with buzzing and pitiful screams.


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*!?Cheesethief slunk cautiously out of the undergrowth. It was safe to move now; the woodlanders had gone from the parapet. Behind him, limping and complaining, came the survivors of the ill-fated raiding party. Cheesethief ignoredThe massive ram shuddered as it smashed against the gatehouse door. With Cheesethief shouting encouragement, the ram-carriers took a short run back and battered the door again.46

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"Listen to that."

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The horse had gotten away safely.No one noticed that there was an extra mouse laboring among the workers in the roadway.Ambrose Spike squinted short-sightedly down at the darkened woodland floor. He tried to assess the casualties.

Even as Winifred spoke two grappling hooks with climbing ropes attached came clanging over the parapet and lodged in the joints.

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