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The Abbot inspected the fox's neck-wound beneath the muddied fur. "What Ambrose says makes sense. Would youMatthias looked surprised. "How did you know I was going to ask about Martin?"Completely staggered, the rat stood slack-jawed. Basil left him and popped up beside another rat."Well, no matter," Cluny snapped. "It'll do as a berth until we find something better. Fangburn! Cheesethief!"

He was still alive!Abbot Mortimer appealed to the onlookers, "Give us room there! If you really want to help, then stand back, please.With breathtaking speed and skill, the tiny creature raced up the trunk of the old elm. Reaching the thin branches above the parapet, he ran out along one. Using it as a springboard, he bounced nimbly on to the ramparts and vanished, sucking fiercely at his paw.

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"Do?" he cried. "I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll be ready."The unlucky pair stumbled off through the nighttime woodland, gesticulating and muttering together, weaving a fabric of lies that they hoped would satisfy Cluny the Scourge.Ambrose Spike squinted short-sightedly down at the darkened woodland floor. He tried to assess the casualties.

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As Cluny and Redtooth made for the gatehouse door,There was more writing where the shield had hung upon the back of the door. Methuselah read it:

They continued gossiping until Dunwing returned. After a decent interval the young mouse spoke to her, "You go to King's room all lotta time." Dunwing nodded.

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"Quiet, fool, "said Cluny. "I think I hear the others coming back. Now straighten yourselves up, and not a word to anyone about this serpent thing, or you'll feel my serpent across your backs." Cluny's long tail waved menacingly under their noses. They took his point.trees growing near the Abbey walls. Make sure that the tree you pick is higher than the wall itself and not too difficult to climb. Got that? Right, get going."The tears rolled down Matthias's cheeks. He could not stop them. The Abbot patted his paw kindly.

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Help arrived swiftly.

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stopped there was the musty odor of death clinging to the

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