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"Asmodeussssssssssss!"A mass cheer went up. The squirrel was on the last lap. Now she would have to call into play all of her climbing ability to keep going up the treacherously steep smooth slates.Fangburn sobbed brokenly. "Our poor friend Redtooth, gone forever!"

They sat silent awhile, both racking their brains. Matthias mentioned something that was bothering him as he looked at the graven lines. "What I cannot understand is that sort of dash. Look: '/- am that is.' Do you see, there is a small dash between the words T and 'am.' In fact the same dash occurs three times throughout the rhyme: here, here and here." Matthias pointed.Again the two friends sat to ponder the mystery. This time it was Matthias's turn to become excited and point a paw at his companion.122

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Matthias was not listening. He was digging in the nibble with his dagger. Methuselah watched him curiously.Cluny staggered into the entrance to the bell tower, where Friar Hugo had been tolling the Joseph Bell. At the sight of the rat Warlord, he released the rope and scuttled underneath the stairs, where he hid trembling. Matthias came thundering in. Cluny dodged around him and slammed the door, locking them in together. If only he could get the mouse at close quarters and stop him from using the sword, Cluny thought, then he could win with his superior strength.

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Redtooth held up a tattered parchment. He cleared his throat. "These are the articles of surrender to be obeyed by all creatures who come under the claw of Cluny the Scourge or any of his commanders. One: surrender will be total and unconditional. Two: Cluny will execute the leaders of all who choose to oppose him. Three: all property conquered will belong solely to Cluny the Scourge. This includes homes, food, crops, land and additionally all creatures dwelling on said property: they shall be owned by Cluny?"Well, my son, you are back with us at last," he said. "That must have hurt. There was half of a sparrow's beak lodged in your shoulder."

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"And so do I," Jess muttered. "I believe Cluny will be good someday. Good and dead!"Matthias pushed him roughly forward. "They'll get you too, if you don't hurry! Move yourself, vole. You'll be no good to your family as a prisoner again.""What does it say, Brother Methuselah?" he cried.As Matthias placed his paw on the spike in question, the door swung creakingly inwards.cheeky old hedgehog telling me to run for it. Couldn't go, of course. Dear me, no. That'd never do. Chap deserting his post; bit of a bad show, what, what? I prefer me own company, y'know. Present company excepted, of course."

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"Huh, it's going to be as hot as the hell's furnace, but at least it won't rain," he muttered aloud to himself.

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晻 They followed the trail with Matthias and Log-a-Log in the

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