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140Cornflower looked at Matthias solicitously. "He's doing fine, thank you, Matthias. I'm just going to get some herbs for the Abbot. Shouldn't you be lying down? Your face looks terribly puffy.""I wish I'd brought some lanterns along with us," Fangburn whined.230"Shoo! Away with you, little fieldmouse. I need Matthias with a clear brain to help me solve an important problem, so run along."One hour later they both sat on the stone floor, drinking October ale to quench the dust while they admired their handiwork.Through a high slitted window, Matthias could see the rosy-pink and gold fingers of dawn stealing down to Cavern Hole as the candles began to flicker and smoke into stubs. All in the space of a night events had moved from festivity to a crisis, and he, Matthias, had taken a major role in both. First the big grayling, then the sighting of the cart; large happenings for a small mouse.

The struggling creature pointed a paw to the north-east before wriggling from Matthias's grasp to dive headlong into the fray."Oh, you young booby," Methuselah giggled. "I mixed the letters up and re-arranged them. It's your own name . . . 'am that is' . . . Matthias."Smiling sheepishly, Basil and Ambrose shook paws. Winifred the otter pounded the stones of the parapet in frustration.Twixt Hall and Cavern Hole.114

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322a bit by then. We'll catch them oil guard. Scragg, see this lot keep still and quiet, will you?"Constance ambled up, her big flanks heaving, covered in wounds. She pointed to the bell tower and uttered a single word.

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The Abbot paced up and down before turning to the assembly.Round and round he skipped, repeating the verse over and over.

'Tivixt Hall and Cavern Hole.

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Ambrose Spike squinted short-sightedly down at the darkened woodland floor. He tried to assess the casualties.Cluny, Ragear and Shadow padded noiselessly towards Red-wall. This was such an important mission that Cluny had decided to come along and supervise it personally. Around Shadow's waist was strapped a skin pouch. It contained a thin strong rope, a padded grappling hook, a vial of oil, some locfcpicks and a dagger: Shadow's usual burgling kit.Sela groaned despairingly as Cluny kicked her son viciously. "Who said anything about tunneling, fox? I only mentioned digging."Redtooth was first to arrive. He came dashing through the bushes and halted at the sight of the unconscious fox among the ferns.Log-a-Log came out of his trance. Leaping quickly into the hole, he scratched the damp sandy grit left and right. Ducking beneath the tree root, he scrabbled awkwardly through into a tiny cell-like space on the other side.

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In moonlight streaming forth,

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"Do you know of Asmodeus the giant adder, and where might I find him, sir?" Matthias called boldly.Asmodeus was working his body free, pushing forward.


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