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Methuselah nodded in agreement. "You are right, my young friend, but what's to be done?""Excellent little filly, that girl! D'you know, she can produce more tuck in the twinklin* of an eye than you could shake a stick at. You mark my words, young feUer-my-mouse. A body would be lucky to settle down with her. I say, have you noticed the way she looks at you? Hinds look at stags like that. Noble creatures, stags. It strikes me that you could be just the stag for her. Why, I remember when I was only a young lancejack. ...""Chief?""Aye, and that one on the back! He looked like the Devil himself.""What news of Poisonteetb?"Methuselah executed a little jig of delight. He patted the wall with his paw, shouting, "That's it! That's it! Why couldn't I see that? It's all mixed up, of course!"

was open."A little bit of both, I suppose," said the young mouse. "Do you know much about Captain Snow and Asmodeus?"The baby squirrel smiled. . . and nodded . . . and sucked.As the rope parted, Matthias clung to the gutter. With Dunwing pushing as she flew upwards, he scrambled over the edge of the gutter and rolled inwards to safety.through the treetops. What an action-packed day it had been!

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"Here, catch! That's a medal, doncha know. Captain Snow gave it to me for saving his life."Without even thinking, Matthias raised a paw and shouted aloud, "Constance is right. I could feel it myself. There was one huge rat with a ferret's skull on a pole. I got a good look at him - it was like seeing some horrible monster."The rat placed his foot on the weasel's throat and began pressing down. Scragg struggled feebly, fighting for breath, unable to stop his tormentor. Cheesethief took malicious pleasure in his revenge. Cruelly he leaned his full weight upon die weasel's rasping throat. "Hush now. Go to sleep, Scragg. Dream of the command you never had."

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warning used by mothers when youngsters were fractious or disobedient.Now he rode on the back of the hay wagon with his five hundred followers, a mighty army of rats: sewer rats, tavern rats, water rats, dockside rats. Cluny's army - fearing, yet following him. Redtooth, his second-in-command, carried a long pole. This was Cluny's personal standard. The skull of a ferret was fixed at its top. Cluny had killed the ferret. He feared no living thing.

Log-a-Log had gone rigid with fright. He stood petrified. Matthias had begun digging furiously at the wall with his sword point. He gouged and thrusted, muttering to himself. "At least we've got nothing to lose but a sword and our lives. There might be something on the other side."

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must think me. I'll probably sit around on the common here and teach the rats to make daisy chains."Cluny lashed out with his long tail, sending the Vole family flat upon the floor. Mr. Abram Vole struggled to shield his wife and son with his body as the tail flailed out a second time.arrival."Patience, you young scallywag," chided the ancient mouse. "Be quiet and listen. It takes the form of a poem:When they were sufficiently recovered to start again, Matthias tried the sandstone center rib of the window. It was carved into a profusion of curlicues and niches which made the climb considerably easier. Soon they reached the wooden ridge at the bottom of the roof curvature. It was perilously narrow. Together they edged along it, their backs bent unsafely forward with the curve of the ceiling behind.

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Matthias scarcely tasted the food that Warbeak had brought back. His mind was focused on the plan. It was extremely hazardous. There would be great danger, not only for himself but also for his Sparra friends.

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"Matthias be sick in head?" she inquired.He ventured cautiously forwards, holding it aloft. If Julian said that Captain Snow was about, then it must be so."Your son, ha. That's a good one! I'll tell you what I want, mouse. I want it all. The lot. Everything. Do you hear me?"

In a surprisingly short time the tunnelers were back. Emerging from the hole, they carried the hedgehog in the rope sling across their backs, refusing any help from the badger or the mouse. Foremole merely tugged his snout.

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