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Methuselah leaned forward indignantly. "Who said that? Did I?"Nobody could determine which direction the sound was coming from. It seemed to fill the very air about them as it gathered momentum; the ground began trembling with the rumbling noise.Item three: We have also found his shield and sword belt."Ummm, worra you'm gennelbeast know abouten this yurr step?" he asked.Chief returning. Good! Cluny would probably be gone for another hour or two yet.It was not the sack of loot.

"Captain Snow, eh? That old maniac! I've forbidden him the use of my barn, you know. What a thoroughly dreadful bird! He eats anything that moves or crawls. Atrocious table manners, too. All that regurgitating of bone and fur. Ugh!"What sort of slop is that to give renowned warriors, eh? We want to be cured, not killed! Now listen to me, you pair of scullery fusiliers, I want a decent brunch: half a dozen boiled eggs, some crisp summer salad, two loaves of hot bread, two hazelnut cream junkets, two - no, better make it four -oven-baked apple pies, oh, and chuck in some of those medium-sized quince tarts if you see any lying about. Well, don't stand there with your great jaw napping! Cut along now, quick as y'like,""However, the walls must always be guarded. I leave it to you, my captains. Stay ever vigilant against Cluny and his horde. I know that with your counsel and good judgment, we will soon see the day when the enemy are forced to go elsewhere and leave Redwall in peace.""5


"See this traitor?" Cluny shouted. "Here's a rat who doesn't think I lead my horde. Cluny the Scourge sees and hears all. Watch now, and let this be a lesson to anyone that dares doubtCarefully he inched the door open, closing it again swiftly .as the Abbot and Brother Alf padded by. Matthias listened to Alf s voice. "I looked in on them about ten minutes ago, Father. They're both sleeping like hibernating squirrels. It's not likely that they'll wake until evening.""Stay out of the way, shrew. There's no more retreating. All ends here!"

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"What a great pity that it took so much bloodshed to unite us all. Henceforth the sparrows may come and go as they wish. They must share our food and use our Abbey, not only die roof but all of it. These good Guerrilla Shrews also - no longer will they be as gypsies roaming the woods: they will have a proper home here at Redwall as long as they wish. And now, Matthias my son, I must tell you my decision regarding you. It is my wish that you do not enter our Order as a brother!"


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Cornflower shrieked aloud."Well, you old tree-jumper. Let's see if we can't baffle the blighters with science!"hacked away stoically. He was beginning to feel his paws numbed by the jarring blows of the hefty iron railing against the sword blade. Cluny too felt the vibrations each time the sword clanged upon his weapon. The pain shot right through him, down to the tip of his injured tail. Along the ramparts they fought, blinded by sweat, panting and blowing, neither asking nor giving quarter; down the stairs and across the grass once more, they slashed and struck at each other, right up Co the entrance of Great Hall.

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"I have little more to say on the subject, but as I see that you still need convincing, here is my proposal. We will send two mice out to relieve the gatehouse. Let me see, yes . . . Brothers Rufus and George, would you kindly go and take over from Brother Methuselah? Please send him in here to me. Tell him to bring the travelers' record volumes. Not the present issue, but the old editions which were used in past years."It was difficult to tell who was the more surprised, Matthias and his party or the rat sentries.A dragonfly hovered directly above the young mouse, gently stirring his whiskers. What was this strange creature doing in his territory? He glided a little closer. It was quite safe; the oddly garbed animal posed no threat to his authority as bailiff of this stretch of water. He was fast asleep, snoring like a squirrel in midwinter, oblivious to all about him.

"We're not back home yet by any means, Mr. Vole, and even if we do make it back to the Abbey, I dread to think what we may find."

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