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Softly rustling, deceptive as the speckled shadows, the huge adder roamed his domain. Patience and stealth were acquired by long experience. Sometimes the serpent would He totally inert, awaiting the unsuspecting paw that trod too close. Other times it would raise itself, uncoiling to look into bushes for eggs and birds on the nest. Some nights it was lean hunting. "Many creatures sensed the approach of the slithering evil, or scented its dry, musty, deathlike odor. The snake had often gone hungry at times like these. But patience and stealth, patience and stealth; a lesson soon learned is a meal soon earned. At the foot of the sycamore the adder stretched itself alongside the still form of Redtooth. Well, an unexpected bonus! This was another rat that could not scurry off. No expenditure of venom or hypnosis needed. How fortunate! The huge reptile coiled itself languorously around the dead rodent.Then why, reasoned Brother Rufus, did the rats not give aid to their own companions? Surely all two hundred were not trapped? The rat evaded the question and made a great show of rubbing his injured leg. Could they not take him in and dress his wound and perhaps give him a bite to eat at least?They tore at the material with beak and claw until it gave way. The contents scattered upon the floor. Matthias stood respectfully to one side as the King rummaged through his meager possessions. .King Bull Sparra drank some water from the canteen. HeMatthias hung uncomfortably. He tightened his paws onItem six: When? At one in the morning when moonlight streams forth.meRemembering who it was that he had spoken to in this

Take on my mighty role.Out in the churchyard Chickenhound, who was the son of Sela, sat sunning himself upon a tombstone.Cluny's powerful tail shot out and dragged the unfortunate forward. Skullface cringed as sharp dirty claws dug into his fur. Cluny nodded at the horse.173Matthias stood up, smiling ruefully. He rested on his staff. "Yes, he's very strong, but I do wish that we had some real weapons of war - swords and daggers and such like. We won't kill many rats with wooden staves."

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The air was chilly but dry. Deeper and deeper the two friends went until the steps ended at the beginning of a downward-winding corridor. It had been neatly dug and shored up with wooden supports. Matthias suppressed a shudder. How long had it been since any creature trod this silent musty passage? He brushed away cobwebs which disintegrated at the touch of a paw. Methuselah held on to his habit. Now they turned left, now right, then another left turn, left again, then right. Methuselah's voice sounded hollow and eerie. "The passage was probably dug like this to give it extra strength. Have you noticed, Matthias? We seem to be going downwards still.""Pretty much what you'd expect," Matthias replied. "Either she, or the leader King Bull Sparra, is going to kill me. Evidently she looks on anything that can't By as an enemy."This time Matthias understood. "Yes please, Mr. Fore-mole. Do you think that you and your team could possibly move this pile of rock and rubble? There's something we need to get at underneath it all."

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Sometime around early evening Jess arrived back, springing lightly from a high elm branch to the parapet of the Abbey wall. She could tell by the sound of happy chattering and general jubilation that once more the picture of Martin was safely back.thought of their inevitable fate. He was making them wait, drawing out the tension, reveling in their misery, savoring his evil victory.

Cluny seized the unlucky pair and shook them soundly. "Have you both gone raving mad? D'you mean to tell me you're frightened of that fool Ragear?"

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"There, by the left, you look a regular little swashbuckler now," chuckled the kindly hare.8Matthias's plea had the desired effect upon the mad King. He sat in the big chair, his eyes glinting cunningly.His lightning reflexes serving him well, Cluny leaped dear. He landed catlike on all fours as'the hay can upended in the roadside ditch, its buckled wheels spinning awkwardly."We've got all hands outside, Chief."

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Killconey cocked a claw over her shoulder. "Sure, they're all outside, your worship. Shall I go and fetch them?"

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King Bull Sparra was not a bird to be trifled with. He noticed the young mouse's evident interest in his surroundings and quickly diverted his attention with a- savage kick at the helpless figure.Constance had mounted the far steps. Gaining the ramparts, she ran along, dodging the heaps of rubble. She saw Matthias go down under the onslaught of kicks and ran even faster, impeded by mice all around who scattered in panic, thinking they were under mass invasion. The only one besides Constance who had the sense to see what was happening was Cornflower's father. Being nearer the top of the stairs than the badger, he ran straight into the intruder. Shadow was struggling to get out his climbing rope.Matthias barely had time to bid Cornflower a hasty goodbye before he was ushered off to the Abbot's room for an early-


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